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Using Inline Skate Wheels for Luggage Wheel ReplacementLuggage Wheel Replacement Using Inline Wheels


By Chris Gorski


We get the question all the time, Is it possible to replace luggage wheels with inline skate wheels? And, yes, you definitely can replace your luggage wheels with an inline skate wheel set.


The benefits of replacing an old luggage wheel with a new inline skate wheel and bearing setup include increased speed, more durability, similar cost, and you will often end up with extras. An inline skate wheel will be more durable and smoother than the cheap luggage wheels that come on standard luggage. The bearings you can purchase for inline skates will offer a smoother roll and hold up better over time. The cost of the actual correct luggage wheels from the luggage company can get pricey, and for the same cost you can get inline skate replacement wheels and you’ll end up with extra wheels to do another suitcase or to have as backup.Luggage Pick Up


Another neat feature of changing out your wheels in your luggage is having the only Rollerblade wheel luggage at the airport. Adding a bit of your own style to your luggage will make it stand out when you look for it after the flight.


When changing wheels, be sure to look for any washers that were set up on the old wheel setup as you’ll want to reuse these washers or find new ones of the same size. You also want to double check that your old wheels can be removed and replaced from your luggage. Most luggage wheels can be removed with a screwdriver or allen wrench but some may be riveted on. Rivets are not going to be easily removed, and once a rivet is removed you’d have to replace the whole bolt and axle set up. Keep wheel size in mind when ordering replacement wheels. Your replacement wheels should be the same or similar in size to your old wheels to ensure they will fit with your luggage.