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What is Powerblading?



Aggressive skates are fun for hitting obstacles in the streets or in a skate park but these skates are not great for skating any long distance. When you have to go from one side of town to the other just to get from your favorite ledge spot to your favorite rail spot skating in regular aggressive skates can get daunting. But what if you were able to keep portions of your aggressive skate styling but add larger wheels to make skating faster and longer distances easier. If you follow along with the aggressive skate industry you may have heard the term powerblading being tossed around the past couple of years. But what is powerblading?




Essentially powerblading is a bit of recreational and fitness skating mixed with aggressive skating giving the skatear a larger wheeled skate, typicaly 80mm and aggressive style skate boot.

  • Concentrates on speed, grinding and style
  • Skates have agressive boot, a solid frame and typically 80mm flat wheels.
  • Popular in Europe, but gaining popularity in larger US cities

What started as an easier way for aggressive skaters to make it from spot to spot or for urban transportation has grown into a sport of its own.


Powerblading as a whole was started as a mode of better transportation while still holding onto some of the extreme edge where users can still perform tricks. The tricks are going to be limited due to the larger wheels limiting the h-block area so grinding will be limited to soul tricks like fishbrains and makios. But the larger wheels will allow skaters to gain more speed while aggressive inline skating giving them the ability to skate gaps and do maneuvers faster.


Powerblade Skates


Powerblading is similar to the urban skating and some argue the two are the same and it is tough to measure the exact degree of difference in the two but its there. Both use aggressive style skates but the main difference is going to be that powerblading uses actual aggressive skate boots with powerblading specific frames to get larger wheels on an aggressive skate. Also the urban skate boots are not going to offer as wide of a profile and will not be as easy to cess slide or grind with.


What are you waiting for? Try urban skating, aggressive inline skating or powerblading today!