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Yoga and Rollerblade Inline Skates


How do you yoga? It’s no secret that yoga has gained much popularity in the past years. Yoga is a great for your physical, mental and spiritual states of being but add inline skating to it and you have yourself a real winner. The Mobile Yoga Workout is a new yoga method which incorporates the benefits of yoga and inline skating together. Inline skating offers clear benefits of cardio fitness, , muscular strength, and endurance which provides a new way to experience yoga. Mobile yoga puts a fresh new spin on inline skating and on yoga by melding these two great activities together. The Mobile Yoga Workout was created by Kris Fondran (below) who uses a background as a highly accredited yoga instructor and inline skater to add some personal zest and passion into the program.


Rollerblade Mobile Yoga


Make sure to check out the Mobile Yoga Workout site here and you can see the workouts in action below in the featured videos. Big thanks to Rollerblade inline skates and The Mobile Yoga Workout for adding something special to the sport of inline skating. If you wish to participate in a Mobile Workout routine simply pick up some Rollerblade inline skates and learn the moves through the videos!






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