Aggressive Skates Overview


When it comes to grinding rails, hitting half pipes and launching jumps, the right pair of skates makes all the difference. A good pair of aggressive skates will give you the proper support you need for your tricks and turns, the protection you need for your feet and the comfort you want to be able to skate all day. Don’t get held back by the wrong equipment, here are a few things to look for when purchasing a pair of skates for aggressive skating.


Skate Types


There are three main types of shells when it comes to skates for aggressive skating. First there are soft shell skates. These shell are made from softer materials that will give you support while still allowing for comfort and flexibility. But these shells do not offer the maximum support so if you plan on launching bigger jumps, you may want to look into the next type of aggressive skate shell, the hard shell. Hard shell skates are more traditional and have been around longer than most other types of skate shells. Hard shells on agressive skates are typically made from some sort of plastic and tend to be stiffer, but more supportive than soft shells. Finally, there are also skates that use skeletal shells, which is sort of a combination of soft shells and hard shells. They use a hard exoskeleton with a soft boot inside that make them lighter weight while still having great maneuverability and protection. Some skeletal shells allow you to use your own shoes inside them for a customizable option.


Wheels and Bearings


Wheels and bearings are also very important components of your skates. Wheels on aggressive skates are smaller to allow for better maneuverability, and tend to be harder so they can endure the beating that comes with grinding rails and launching jumps. The two wheels on the outside of your skates are the standard wheels you actually roll on, while the two inside wheels are called anti-rocker wheels that are there to help you grind and land jumps. You will also need to make sure your bearings on your skates are going to be durable as well. Although bearings are usually thought of when it comes to speed, they need to be considered when it comes to making sure that they will not pop their seals while doing tricks. If the standard bearings that come with your skates do not seem to be holding up very well, trying looking for bearings made from titanium that will hold up better.


Aggressive skates are specifically made for tricks and jumps, it is highly suggested that if you do not intend to do these things with your skates that you look into a different type of skate. These skates are durable, easy to maneuver and have no brakes, allowing you to give them a beating in the park and keep coming back for more.



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