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Sizing Artistic Style Roller Skates


Properly sizing your artistic rollerskates can directly impact the amount of fun one has while skating as a poorly fitting boot can cause performance issues and be painful on the foot. In this short guide you will find information regarding the proper fit of artistic skates in adults and children.


What Makes an Artistic Style Roller Skate?


We have all seen them, the standard black or white classic Recreational or Artistic Roller Skate. The Black color signifies a men’s boot as the White signifies a women’s boot. For adults sizing these styles of skates is just like a shoe as you order your current shoe size. Women looking to get into a black boot should order a size down as these are men’s sizes, men looking to get into a white boot should order a size up as these are women’s sizes. In fitting for a half size in most recreational and artistic skates it is suggested you go up to the full size as most do not come in half sizes. (i.e: 8.5 goes up to 9)


Shopping Artistic Skates


While shopping artistic style roller skates you will see you have many options to sort by to narrow your search. On the left of the page you will see a series of boxes which we call refinement boxes. Clicking an option in these refinement boxes will narrow your search for skates down to the selected options; the refinement boxes available are brand, gender, price and color.


Selecting an option in one of the refinement boxes will refresh your page with the option you have selected and will only display roller skates with the option you have selected. For example; if you choose the brand Chicago in the brands refinement the page will refresh showing only Chicago artistic skates. You can also choose more than one refinement at a time so if you want to not only search for Chicago roller skates but you also want to only be shown women’s skates you can do so. Simply let the page refresh from your first selection before making an additional selection. For example; choose Chicago in the brand refinement and allow the page to refresh and then select women’s in the gender refinement and you will be shown only womens Chicago brand artistic skates.


As you can see there are many ways to shop artistic style roller skates once you have the correct size.



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