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Boys Skates Overview


The boys inline skates shown here are great for recreational skating by beginners to advanced skaters. These skates offer great fitting boots with ample padding and support for comfort and performance. Use these boys skates around the neighborhood or at the local skating rink.


Choosing a Skill Range in Boys Skates


When shopping you will notice there are a few different skill ranges to shop by ranging from beginner to advanced. Choosing the proper skill range in boys skates is easy; below we will cover choosing a new boys inline skate by skill range.


Beginner Boys Skates- This style is great for those just starting out or maybe skating for the first time. These inline skates are going to offer a smaller wheel and slightly slower bearing set up. Your child can still progress with this skate but it also won’t overwhelm a beginner.


Intermediate Boys Skates- With a slightly stiffer boot offering a bit more support these skates are going to be more performance oriented. These boys inline skates will typically offer a bit larger wheel and smoother bearing to give a smoother roll on all surfaces.


Advanced Boys Skates- This level of skate will offer the largest wheel size and smoothest bearing for the potential to go the fastest. Great skates for those who are great skaters and need the performance or for those that are quick learners and don’t want to outgrow a lesser model.


Sizing Boys Skates


Properly sizing boys inline skates is quite easy as they are all typically adjustable meaning they are offered in a range of sizes instead of one solid size. The adjustability on these skates typically ranges about 3-4 sizes. So a typical size range in skates is 12-2, 1-4 or 4-7 and will adjust in only full sizes.


How do Boys Skates Sizes Run?


Boys inline skates are going to run true to standard shoe size so if your child wears a size 2 shoe they will also fit the size 2 in skates. Stated earlier skates come in adjustable sizes so go with the skate of your choice closest to the boys actual shoe size. If taking a size 2 shoe but the closest boys skates size is an adjustable size 1-4 you can take that size and simply adjust the skate to the size 2 when received.


Skates are Easy to Adjust


Boys inline skates typically adjust without the need of any tools and can be done quick and easy. As all adjustable skates can offer different adjustment systems you will want to check the box for directions on adjusting your specific model. Don't forget to check out our Guaranteed Fit Program.



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