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Rollerblade History
Rollerblade created one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and continues to be a leader in the inline skate market. Originally perceived as an off-season training device for hockey players, Rollerblade pioneered the inline skating boom by transforming inline skates to a widely accepted “lifestyle” product just about anyone can use. Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, fun seekers and Rollerblade employees continue to enjoy the sport and experience of inline skating.
Leading the Way
Through the years Rollerblade has achieved several industry firsts, such as the use of polyurethane boots and wheels, metal frames, dual bearings and heel brakes. In addition Rollerblade has achieved the following industry firsts: Ventilated Shells/Breathable Liners, Buckle Closure System, Cored Wheel Design, Graduated Break Design, Aggressive Skate/Stunt Skate, Award-Winning Braking System – Advanced Braking System (ABT), Women’s Specific Skate, Tool-less Push-Button Adjustable Skate, Liner with Temperature Regulation.
Advanced Braking System: Active Brake Technology (ABT)
One of the challenges of some skaters is to skate and stop with confidence and control. Rollerblade addressed those concerns and introduced the enhanced ABT, Active Brake Technology. ABT is specifically designed for those who need the extra balance and support when beginning. It is the ultimate confidence builder and provides the ideal stability when braking because it allows the skater to keep all wheels on the ground and the brake at a consistent height for maximum power. This technology is paired with the extremely comfortable Macroblade family of skates, reinforcing rollerblades status as the industry leader.
Skate to Ski
Inline Skating is the best way in the off-season to recreate the unique muscle movements and carving motions found in skiing. Skiers at every ability level are discovering the amazing cross-training and fitness benefits of inline skating. Whether you’re a green run cruiser, powder hound or podium seeking racer, connect your winters with Rollerblade.
The X-Fit Challenge
Rollerblade freeride athlete and filmmaker Ben Brillante created a custom X-Fit workout that is easy to apply and accessible to anyone who wants to get fit, increase power and improve athletic stamina. All you need are skates, shoes and your own body. The X-Fit Challenge consists of a three month schedule with four workouts a week. Ben created the X-Fit Challenge using his HIT (High Intensity Training). The program is an explosive workout routine within a short time to get a maximum result. Using his own workout Ben lost 12 Kilograms in 3 months. #XFitChallenge.
Stop & Go Workout
30 Minutes – The Rollerblade “Stop & Go Workout” is a fast paced series of on and off skate exercises aimed at increasing muscle strength, tone and explosive power! This 30-minute workout is sure to keep your heart pumping throughout giving a blast to your metabolism while improving agility and increasing speed.
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