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Girls Skates Overview


When it comes to sports, it can seem like a male dominated world out there. But that’s what’s great about inline skating, it’s a sport all ages and genders can enjoy. So be sure to browse through our selection of girls skates to find the right pair for your little girl. Here at, we know the finding the right fit in a skate can be difficult for a growing girl, but with a little extra information the task won’t be as daunting.


If your little girl is growing at a very fast rate, it might be best to check out a pair of adjustable girls skates. Adjustable skates can adjust to fit up to four sizes. To find the right one, try finding a pair that start at where your girls foot size is now. For instance, if your childs foot is a size 11, try picking a pair of girls skates that start at that size, like a size 11-1 and so on. Otherwise, be sure to stick fairly true to size in terms of shoe size versus skate size. It may seem tempting to go up a couple sizes and let your kid grow into their skates, but a skate that is too big will be hard to maneuver and your little girl may lose interest before she even grows into the skate.


Different girls skates will offer different lacing systems. Traditional laces are just like laces on a shoe but these skates typically have a strap or buckle as well for extra security and stability. A newer closure system is the BOA system. This system uses a knob of sorts that you can turn to tighten or loosen the skates fit. The perks of the BOA system is that they are much easier to get on and off. Similar to the BOA system is the speedlace system. These skates have a pull tab on them that you simply pull tighter or loosen to adjust the fit of the skate.


Another feature you want to check out before you select a pair of girls skates are the wheels. Most inline skate wheels are made from polyurethane to avoid cracking and breaking, unlike their previous models that were made from plastic. Typically, wheels vary in size ranging from 70 to 79 mm. Keep in mind that the bigger the wheels, the faster they go, so it is ill advised that you get bigger wheels for beginners.


Now that you know a bit about girls skates it’s time to check out our selection here at and find the right pair for your little girl. Then get out there skating!  Don't forget about our Guaranteed Fit Program too.


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