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Anyone who’s ever bought roller hockey skates can tell you that it’s not an exact science. A lot of the decision making process relies on personal preference. Inline hockey skates are pretty similar to ice hockey skates in their construction. Obviously the main difference between ice and inline are the wheels, but inline skates also tend to have a soft boot for better flex. The liners of roller hockey skates are typically made from more comfortable materials like brushed nylon for comfort, and some even have anti-microbial properties to keep your feet from reeking after a big game.


The frames of hockey skates are made from aluminum or a mixture of materials to keep them lightweight and durable. Some they feature frames that are set lower to the ground, which will give you extra speed but it will also making your stopping time increase. When it comes to your inline hockey skate wheels, make sure you check on the hardness and size of the wheels. Most wheels for roller hockey skates are typically between 76 and 80 mm. In general, the bigger the wheels they faster they go, but smaller wheels allow for better maneuverability so these skates use a nice in between size to maximize both aspects. When it comes to hardness of your inline hockey skate wheels, you want to have wheels on the softer side so that they grip the rink better, giving you better stopping power and quicker changes in direction.


The bearings on hockey style inline skates are also very important. Speed is extremely important when it comes to roller hockey so you want to find a top of the line bearing for your skates, like ABEC or ILQ 7 or 9 bearings. Take into account your skill level when purchasing your skates. More advanced skaters will need skates to accommodate their skill level, meaning that the skates should be lighter and stiffer, and also have better bearings. And make sure your inline skates fit properly, or else your skating will suffer. A good rule of thumb is to take your shoe size, subtract one from it and that will be your roller hockey skate size. If you want to check out your specific brands size chart to find the right fit for you click here and pick your brand.


Here at we offer a variety of inline skates for roller hockey. Browse through our selection and find the skates to get you rolling.


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