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Inline Skating Helmets Overview


Owning and wearing an inline skate helmet whether made by Rollerblade, K2, Pro-Tec, Bern or any other brand is the first line of defense against injury while inline skating. Over the years inline skate helmets have become lighter, more comfortable and are now offer more protection than ever before. With such a large selection of helmets we know it may be hard to narrow down the selection to just one; here we will go over some of the common features of skate helmets to help you with your decision.


Inline Skate Helmets Breathability and Venting


To control body heat and keep you cool as you skate you will notice all skating helmets come with vents in the top of the helmet and throughout. All helmets come with some sort of venting but while shopping pay special attention to the amount of vents and the locations to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need in a helmet.


Inline Skate Helmets Style and Shape


Fitness Style Skating Helmets- Often thought of as biking helmets this style of inline skate helmet offers an elongated design in comparison to other styles. These styles of helmets offer a looser fitting design which relies heavily on the strap being tight and secure for a proper and safe fit. A fitness style helmet example is the Rollerblade brand helmets.


Skate Style Skating Helmets- These styles of helmets look like skateboard and BMX helmets and offer a bit tighter and snugger fit. You still have to tighten and secure the chinstrap on this skate helmet but often these will slide on a bit more snug giving a more personal fit. These helmets will fit tight when you first try them on but will break in and form around your specific head shape. The Pro-Tec brand is a great example of what skate style helmets look like.


Skating Helmets With Visor- Getting sun in your eyes while inline skating is no fun and even worse it can be dangerous. You will see some certain helmets that offer visors that act similar to a baseball cap to revert some of the sun’s rays away from your eyes.


Properly Sizing Inline Skate Helmets


With all the different brands, styles and sizes of inline skate helmets how do you know what size to get? We make it real easy with all the sizing information for helmets all in one easy to read chart you can see here. To properly size for a skate helmet you will need to either print off a paper ruler or use one you already have. To size properly; simply measure from right above your eyes all the way around the back of your head and back to the front. Skating helmets are sized by circumference so that measurement will directly correlate to the size of helmet you need on the chart.



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