Inline Skating Wheels - Types and Uses


Here at we stock a great selection of inline skate wheels in all sizes, styles and for all your skating needs. As there are so many differing skating disciplines from just skating around the neighborhood to skating at the rink. With so many types of skating there are an equal amount of types of wheels. We sort all of thesewheels by recommended use which you can easily search for. On the left side of the page you will see a series of refinement boxes and one will read “Recommended Use” which will house several variances you can select and be only shown skate wheels that fit that type. Below we will talk about some of the most popular types of skating wheels.


Indoor Wheels


These are quite obviously wheels for indoor use but what makes them best for indoor use? These skate wheels are going to offer a softer compound which will grip better on the inside surface. Great for indoor use but you will not want to skate outdoor with these types of wheels as the softer compound is more susceptible to the outside asphalt and concrete which could cause them to chunk and break away.


Outdoor Wheels


Great for outdoor use these wheels are going to offer a harder and more durable compound to take the abuse of asphalt and concrete. The harder compound makes the wheels last longer while being used on outdoor surfaces but can cause slipping if used indoors.


Indoor/Outdoor Wheels


These wheels offer a mid grade hardness so you get a mixture of good grip for indoor use and durability for outdoor use. Not the best for either indoor or outdoor but will help if you constantly switch up where you are skating at. Note: Some indoor skating rinks will not let you use wheels that have been used outdoors so check before purchasing as it might make more sense to get a set of indoor and a set of outdoor and switch them back and forth.


Wheels - Different Styles and Shapes


As you shop wheels you will notice a vast array of different styles and each of these styles offer a different shape. It’s these shapes that offer a different feel when on the skates to be better for the specific style of skating each wheel is meant for. Aggressive skate wheels offer a flatter profile with a rounded rectangle shape making these best for control, balance and a larger landing surface. Recreational skate wheels will offer a more elliptical shape giving them stability yet the ability to offer easy turning and acceleration. Hockey wheels offer a more rounded shape to offer the skaters more contact with the skating surface no matter the angle of their skates. This gives the hockey players a better ability to corner quickly while keeping their balance easily. Speed skating wheels offer a bit more pointed design giving the least amount of resistance while skating while offering the most speed.


Obviously there are a lot of different choices when it comes to wheels and all these choices when made correctly will lead you to the best skating experience for your specific style of skating.



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