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Race and Speed Inline Skates Overview


Inline skates used for race and marathon use are different than normal recreational inline skates in many ways. Take one look at a pair of race skates and it’s pretty easy to see that there are some clear differences just in how they look not to even mention the performance differences. Here we are going to go over briefly what to look for in a good pair of speed or race inline skates.


Wheel Set Up


The wheels used with inline skates have been steadily growing in size in the past couple of years but you may notice race skates offer an even larger set of wheels. Race  skates used to use a 5 wheels set up for more speed but now most race or speed inline skates will offer a 4 wheeled set up with larger wheels. This means you get the speed from the larger wheels but can also turn easier having 4 instead of 5 wheels. This wheel upgrade follows in a long line of upgrades for race inline skates.


Closure Systems


Most race skates will offer a beefed up set of laces among other closures but keeping true to the standard of lacing. Often mixed with additional ratchets and Velcro closures the laces keep the skates consistently tight.


Frames and Hardware


As racing and marathon skating is harder on skates than regular recreation and fitness skating the skates worn are made of more durable materials. You will often find carbon fiber in the boots of race skates and you will definitely find a durable skate chassis. The chassis used with race inline skates are always at least 7000 series aluminum and you will not find plastic chassis on a race skate.


Bearing Set Up


Since the name of the game is speed and smoothness when it comes to speed and racing skates the bearings are a very important piece of the set up. With racing inline skates you often get Swiss grade bearings or something on the high end of the ABEC scale.


Race and Speed Skates Fit


As these skates are made and built for performance you will have to get used to the fit as it will be much different than that of a regular inline skate. Race inline skates offer a snug and tight fit and will often feel a bit small when you first try them on. You really do want a tight fit so when you first try on a pair of race skates your toes should be just touching the front of the skate but not curled, the skate will break in alleviating the initial pressure in a couple times skating.


So, obviously this style of skate is a bit different than regular everyday inline skates. With race inline skates you will get larger wheels, better closures, beefier frames and some really smooth bearings. If you are interested in testing the waters of skating marathons or distance races we recommend trying a pair out as they outperform regular skates and will lead to a happier transition.



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