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Jam Skates


Jam skates are different than any other type of rollerskate because of its unique low-cut design and lack of toe stop, that’s right, no brake. The original jam skate design was actually much different, resembling an artistic skate with a high-cut artistic-style boot and tradition toe stop brake. However, over the years, the design has transformed into a skate that resembles the picture to the right. The modern skate design features a low-cut speed skate boot and a dance plug in placement of the toe stop. They feature lightweight frames for fast, agile movement for the skating style associated with jam skating.


As a skating style, Jam skating is a combination of dance, gymnastics, and skating. Jam skating’s roots stem from the roller disco days of the 1970s, but over time it has evolved and been influenced by multiple sources of artistic outlet. Modern dance, artistic skating, and break dancing have all contributed to the jam skating style of today. For jam skaters, jam skating is more about personal expression rather than aggressive or speed type of skating. The free flowing movements of jam skating have been given countless names such as hexing, shuffle skating, toe-skating, and spot skating. But regardless of its name, jam skating has always been about expression and passion.


Jam Skating Safety: Tips


Aside from wearing all of the appropriate protective gear, there are additional things that you can do to assure your safety when jam skating. Here is a list of several of them. There are many more, but here is a brief list:


• If you’re new to roller skating, get some instruction from experienced skaters. Friends and family are always great teachers, provided they know how to skate. If you are looking for more formal training, check out your local skating rink for lessons.


• Skating with headphones should only be done in areas that are obstacle free or controlled. Wearing headphones or earbuds will restrict your ability to hear traffic or pedestrians. If you desire to wear such items, do so when skating along a bike trail or skate trail where other skaters will know the same rules, and there isn’t any traffic to worry about.


• Find a partner to skate with. Skating alone is fun too, but skating with a buddy is safer and just as fun. An additional set of eyes and ears is always good, and if you get into trouble, there will be a reliable person with you.


• Watch out for debris, rocks, and cracks when you are skating. Any of these items can put you at risk of injury or wreck your skates entirely.


• Do not skate outside your means. It is always nice to progress your skating level, but do so in an area that allows you to do it. If you are not comfortable on hills, do not skate on them until you are ready to. Keep in mind that you will gain speed quickly on even a very small hill.



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