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Junior Hockey Skates Overview


While shopping junior hockey skates there are some key characteristics of the skates that you should pay special attention to. Depending on the level of play and where the inline hockey is taking place these characteristics will determine which junior inline hockey skates you should purchase.


Before going forward you will want to ask yourself two very important questions; what level of skates will be adequate for my skill level and where will I be using these skates? Determining what skill level will help you determine what model of skates will offer enough performance for you and determining where you will be skating will help you figure out whether you need indoor wheels, outdoor wheels or something for all around.


While shopping inline hockey skates page you will notice a bunch of refinement boxes on the left of the page. These boxes offer many selections and different features of skate so you can narrow down your search to just what you are looking for. Let’s talk about a few key refinements that will be most important when shopping junior skates.


Shopping Junior Skates by Brand, Price or Size


Some of the most common refinements for skates are brand, price and size. All of these main refinements can be found on the left of the page at the top of all the refinements.


Brand- Searching skates by brand is great if you already have owned a skate in a certain brand in the past and are partial to the fit and design. This is also a great refinement when shopping for a gift and they asked for a certain brand skate.


Price- We often offer great sales on junior hockey skates and for those shopping on a strict budget using this refinement to narrow down by price is a great addition. Once you select a certain price you will only be shown skates in that price range making it easy to shop within your given constraints.


Size- If you know exactly the size you are looking for you can narrow down your choice of skates to just this size. That way you will only see skates offered and available to ship in the size you need.


Shopping Junior Hockey Skates by Wheel Type and Skill Range


These refinements are a bit more advanced for those looking for skates that offer only a certain wheel type, bearing grade or are set up for a certain skill range.


Wheel Type- There are different wheel types available on hockey skates; the main three types are indoor, outdoor and all around. These types of wheels are pretty self explanatory; indoor wheels are going to offer a softer and,grippier compound great for indoor use. Outdoor wheels are going to be slightly harder and more durable for outdoor use. All around wheels are going to be right in the middle of both these consistencies and will be great for those using their skates a bit indoor and outdoor.


Skill Range- Shopping skates by skill range will help you weed out all the skates that are either too advanced or too beginner for your skill level. Selecting a certain skill level here will only show you skates that will be best for that level. Beginner skates will often be softer and more flexible and the stiffness and performance characteristics will climb as the skill range gets higher.



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