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Kids inline skates have grown leaps and bounds over the years to make them more comfortable, more performance oriented and now a lot of models adjust. There are many differing styles of skates for kids from standard skates for recreation, hockey skates for inline hockey, aggressive skates for park and ramp skating and roller skates also available in various styles. Here we are going to cover the general differences between the various types of kids skates.


Adjustable Kids inline Skates


Adjustable skates are mostly going to be inline skates and not roller skates. These skates offer the ability to adjust them a range of sizes to ensure the child gets more than one season skating out of them. Not only are these skates adjustable but will typically offer a quick lacing system that will not require kids to tie the skates. The quick lacing on kids skates makes it easier for them to put the skates on themselves and will make it quicker to get them on and off if they are going in and out of the house. There are many models of adjustable skates here at from many brands including Rollerblade, K2, Roller Derby and more at varying price points for all skaters and all budgets.


Inline Hockey Skates for Kids


Kid’s inline hockey skates offer great support and performance for kids to play roller hockey with. For performance reasons kids skates for hockey are not going to offer adjustability as the boots and construction of these skates mimic ice hockey skates. Kids will get a lot of protection from junior hockey skates but the skates will require a bit of break in time. Typically a couple times skating in their new skates will have them broken in and feeling nice as the padding forms around the child’s foot. Find great deals on kids hockey skates from top brands from Tour, CCM, Reebok, Alkali and more!


Kids Aggressive Skates


Aggressive skating is a fun activity which users skate at skate parks on ramps and grinding rails and boxes. The kids  aggressive skates are going to have a bit different design than standard kids skates. Aggressive skates need to be able to take the abuse of skating obstacles at the skate park and offer protection for the skater’s feet inside the skates. You will notice kids aggressive skates have a plastic outer shell for protection and a thick inner liner for comfort and protection.


Kids Roller Skates


For kids looking for a more traditional skating style kids roller skates offer a great platform. With the side by side wheel design roller skating offers a great learning tool for skating and will teach balance. The great selection of kids roller skates at will have something for everyone from the very beginner junior skater to the more advanced skater looking for a bit faster skate.


Shopping Kids Skates


With such a large selection of kids inline skates at the search can be overwhelming but not when using the easy side filters to narrow your search. On the left of the page while shopping skates you will see boxes with skate related selections Here you can select from these refinements to have the kids skates you are shown more narrowed to your liking. Choose from refinements including price, color, brand, skate type and more and once you choose a refinement the page will refresh to show that selection. You can also choose multiple refinements; simply choose the first refinement and wait for the page to refresh and then choose a second refinement.


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