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Kids love inline skating which is why we stock such a great selection of kid’s inline skates. Here you can find kid’s skates for all types of inline skating including recreational skating, aggressive skating, inline hockey, and even roller skates. You will find a wide selection of kid’s adjustable inline skates meaning you won’t have to replace the skates so often for fast growing children. We have kid’s inline skates in stock for very beginner skaters to advanced skaters, and we stock a wide color selection to match your kid’s favorite color...Read More


When shopping for a pair of kid’s inline skates be sure to know the style of skating your child will be doing. There are many disciplines of skating and many styles of kid’s inline skates for each style. For regular skating around the neighborhood or park, a recreational kid’s inline skate will work great. For skating at the skate park on obstacles and ramps, a kid’s aggressive skate will be best. There are also specific kid’s roller hockey skates for inline hockey, and traditional kid’s roller skates for those looking for the roller skate style skate.

Another important question in buying kid’s inline skates is the sizing. Proper sizing in a kid’s skate is very important for comfort and performance. Many kid’s inline skates will be adjustable which means finding the perfect size is just a click and an adjustment away. For finding proper sizing in a kid’s skate, you simply buy a skate in the same size as their current shoe size. For most skates, sizing this way will still give you a tad bit of growing room but will not be too big to cause discomfort or blisters. For adjustable skates simply buy the adjustable size range that fits closest to the current shoe size. For example if your little one is in a size 2 shoe and the skates are adjustable from 1-4, that would be fine as you would simply adjust them to a 2 when you get them.

When shopping for a pair of kid’s inline skates you can take advantage of the product refinements to narrow your selection. Product refinements, which can be found on the left side of the page, help you narrow the skates shown to you using many factors. Refinements on kid’s inline skates range from skate type, brand, and size, to skill range, price, color, size adjustability, and more. When you click a refinement, the page will refresh and load only skates that fit what you’ve selected. For example, if you choose “Rollerblade” from the brand refinement, the page will refresh and show you only Rollerblade kid’s skates.

Multiple refinements can also be used at one time. To use multiple refinements when shopping kid’s inline skates, simply wait for the page to refresh from your first refinement selection and then you can make additional refinement selections. So, if the page refreshed to show only Rollerblade brand kid’s inline skates, you could then choose “beginner” in the skill range refinement and the page would refresh again to show only beginner kid’s Rollerblade skates.

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