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Kid’s recreational inline skates should just be called kid’s adjustable inline skates. Most all the skates in this category are going to be size adjustable meaning they can adjust full sizes often in 3-5 size increments. With kids growing so fast, this style of skate is among the most popular. Kid’s recreational inline skates are offered for boys and girls in many various colorways from the pinkest pinks to the greenest greens and bluest blues. Although similar in style, there are some differences to take note of when shopping kid’s recreational inline skates...Read More


Kid’s inline skates in this category will either feature 3 wheels or 4 wheels. Although it may look weird, some kid’s recreational skates will offer 3 wheels based on their size. Smaller kid’s inline skates just don’t have enough room under them to fit a 4 wheel skate frame and wheels. The smaller skates with 3 wheels simply perform better with only 3 wheels and make it easier for smaller kids to maneuver and use the skates. Some skates will offer a 3 wheel skate in the smaller size model and 4 wheels in the larger size model of the same skate.

Another key feature on recreational kid’s inline skates are the different closures the skates can come with. From the standard lace closure to more sophisticated speed lace closures and Boa closures, there are many ways to secure a kid’s skate. The standard lace closure is great and will typically also offer a power strap and top clasp to add to the closure security. Speedlace is nice as it is typically a closure that any kid can get the hang of and do themselves. The speedlace is typically a drawstring style pull and a clasp of some sort that holds it with no tie needed. Boa closures on kid’s inline skates is becoming more popular as well. Boa is a reel style closure which offers a turning dial which tightens and loosens the skates. Boa and speedlace kid’s inline skates will also offer a power strap and top clasp.

When shopping for a new recreational kid’s inline skate be sure to pay attention to the skill level attributed to the skates. Kid’s skates do come in various skill levels which will refer to the ability level of the kid skating on the skates. A kid who is a seasoned skater can get more out of a better skate as the skate will typically offer a better bearing, stiffer boot and a larger wheel. Being able to get more speed out of the skate with the larger wheels and better grade bearing will offer your little one the ability to continually get better at inline skating. Don’t worry, all the recreational kid’s inline skates come with a brake setup no matter the skill level.

To make it easy to narrow your shopping selection of kid’s inline skates we recommend using the product refinements found on the left side of the page. These product refinements can range from size, gender and skate type, to brand, skill range, price, color, and more. When you make a selection from a refinement the page will automatically reload the skate selection to match your selection. For example, if you choose “Rollerblade” from the brand refinement, the page will refresh and show you only the brand Rollerblade kid’s skates. You can use multiple refinements at once, simply wait for the page to refresh from your first selection and then make a second refinement selection, and so on.

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