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Kid’s roller skates come in all sizes and styles ensuring there is a skate for any kid, at any skill level, and available in any size. caters to the beginner kid getting their first set of kid’s roller skates to the dedicated jam or speed skater looking for a top of the line junior size roller skate. From Roller Derby to Riedell you can for sure find all the top brands of kid’s roller skates available in all the hot styles. First thing you will want to determine when picking a new pair of kid’s roller skates is the type of skating that they will be doing...Read More


For general skating around the neighborhood or local roller rink, a kid’s speed or artistic roller skate will work fine. You can pretty much use any beginner to intermediate level kid’s roller skate for kids to start skating on. If you have a child that is specifically into a certain type of roller skating you will want to make sure to purchase that style of skate. There are going to be specific kid’s roller skates for speed, jam, derby, rhythm and artistic styles of skating. For any of these skating disciplines it’s going to be best to spend a little extra and get a nice skate.

Kid’s roller skates are all going to offer a standard lacing system. This means there are not going to be any quick lace setups for kid’s roller skates so if your child cannot lace their own shoes yet, you will have to tie these as well. Some skate models will offer a top Velcro strap and some others will have a lace guard over the laces, but all skates will feature laces.

When shopping for a new pair of kid’s roller skates, be sure to use the product refinements found on the left side of the page. These refinements range from size, brand, and skill range to price, wheel size and bearing grade. When you choose a feature from one of the refinements, the page will refresh and show you only skates that fit with the refinement you’ve chosen. For example, if you choose “beginner” from the skill range refinement, the page will refresh and show you only beginner level kid’s roller skates. You can use multiple refinements at once as well, simply wait for the page to refresh from your first selection and you can then make a second refinement selection, and so on.

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