2017 Rollerblade Mens Inline Skates

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Quick Overview of Mens Inline Skates


Inline skating is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get in shape all while having fun. But in order to have the best experience while skating, you must have the right pair on mens inline skates. Some important points to consider are the shell of the boot, the liner, footbeds, closures, wheels, bearings and brakes.


Shells come in either soft boot form or hard shell, soft boots tend to be softer and more lightweight/breathable while hard shells provide more support while still being flexible. Closures come typically in two forms, buckles and laces. Buckles are found more on recreational skates and are quicker to put on and take off your skates while laces are less expensive and allow for more custom adjustment.


Wheels found on mens inline skates come in many different sizes and Durometers, be sure to pick a skate with the right wheels for your needs. Larger wheels are made for speed while smaller wheels provide better maneuverability. Wheel bearings also differ on mens inline skates and use a system called ABEC to determine to performance and speed of the bearing, the higher the ABEC number the better the performance. And finally mens inline skate brakes tend to be heel brakes but there are also skate without brakes or ABT brakes which are mainly for beginners.


To ensure the right fit of your mens inline skate, be sure to try them on and skate a little around the house before taking them out for a full ride. A few thing to keep in mind when determining your skate’s fit are the novice and larger men will need more ankle support in your inline skate. Be sure to use athletic specific socks when riding or testing your mens inline skate or else they will bunch up and make the whole skating experience very uncomfortable.


When trying out your skate for the first time, try doing so in the afternoon or evening because your feet tend to swell a bit throughout the day. This will ensure that your mens inline skates will fit no matter when you use them. The boots should be snug but not too tight, and keep in mind that your skates will conform to your feet over time so if they are not perfect on the first go, give them some time to break in. To find the right size for you, check out our inline skates sizing guide. You can also be 100% satisfied with your skate becuase of our Guaranteed Inline Skate Fit Program.


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