Aggressive skates are built to withstand abuse and protect the skaters foot while they perform tricks. Great for skating in the street on obstacles like rails, ledges and gaps, and at home at the skate park ripping up ramps, rails and more. Aggressive skating has been around for a long time and has seen many upgrades to the aggressive skates used for this extreme sport. skates have become lighter in weight, more durable and grinding surfaces have become smoother and larger making it a bit easier to lock onto and hold grinds. The most popular aggressive skate brands are Razors, Rollerblade, and K2..Read More


Some of the main features that make an aggressive skate different than any other inline skates are the skates liners, frames, wheels and closure systems. You will notice that aggressive skates don’t look much like any other model of skate and this is all by design to offer the best performance for aggressive skating.

An aggressive skate liner is going to offer a more padded design with added protection in the heel of the skate. Aggressive skaters are often jumping off or over obstacles and can land pretty rough which makes this added protection a much needed feature. It may take some getting used to at first as well as some added break in time but in the end any aggressive skater will be happy to have the extra padding in their skates. Aggressive skates will often have an extra shock supporter in the heel made up of gel or foam, this shock supporter aids in eliminating bruised heels from landing hard after gaps.

When you look at an aggressive skate’s frame you will notice it is flat across with a gap in the middle while maintaining a low clearance to the ground. This frame style allows for aggressive skaters to have great control over their tricks and the gap in the middle of the skate allows for easy lock on to obstacle like rails, boxes and ledges. Aggressive skate frames will often be made up of a plastic compound making them slide fast and easy over many objects. The plastic on these frames will groove over time and will need to be replaced if worn down too low. Aggressive skate frames can easily be removed and replacement frames are fairly inexpensive.

One of the main difference between aggressive skates and other skates on the market are their wheels. An aggressive skate is going to offer smaller sized wheels with a more squared off shape versus the more conventional rounded off shape of larger inline skate wheels. Aggressive skates are set up with these wheels to offer skaters better control while maintaining their durability. Aggressive skate wheels are typically between 50-60mm in size with a hardness between 80-90A making them hard enough to withstand many impacts on hot pavement. Some aggressive skates may offer an anti rocker wheel set up in the middle of the skate. Anti rocker wheels are very small wheels which don’t actually touch when skating; these wheels help to guide grinds and are great for those that do a lot of grinding with their skates. Some skates may be sold with an anti rocker set up as others may need to be upgraded to this set up if wanted.

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