Mens Skates Shopping Tips


In this mens skates section you will find roller skates, aggressive skates, inline hockey skates, recreational inline skates and more. All these skates in the mens section have been specifically made to fit a men’s foot shape and have performance fit characteristics specific to men. To easily shop the many styles of skates you can use the refinements found on the left side of the page. Using these refinements you can narrow down your selection of mens inline skates by skate style, brand, price, size and more. Clicking on the refinement will refresh the page based on your selection. To make multiple selections simply make the first selection and once the page has refreshed make your second selection and so on.


Fitness and Recreational Skates


These are the most widely used type of mens skates and are used for exercise as well as for simple recreational skating. Whether done for fun or for exercise and weight loss these skates work great and offer a fantastic fit. Fitness and recreational inline skates will fit similar to an athletic tennis shoe and can be taken the same size. Expect some break in with these skates as the inner boot adapts to your foot’s shape.


Inline Hockey Skates


The mens skates used for inline hockey are going to offer a performance oriented fit and great protection for the abuse hockey players endure. Inline hockey skates are going to offer a similar fit to ice hockey skates meaning you may need to drop a size or more to adequately size them. The top brands of these skates do fit a bit differently so it is advised you take a look in the size charts section for correct sizing.


Aggressive Skates


Mens aggressive skates are designed for doing tricks at the skate park or on natural street obstacles like handrails and ledges. This type of skating calls for a more durable skate that will offer protection and the ability to do tricks with the skates with no issue. These mens skates offer a fit similar to your standard shoe size and will be filled with padding so you can expect a couple times out skating to fully break them in.


Roller Skates


You will find many styles of roller skates in the mens section meant for various styles of roller skating. The main styles of roller skates you will find are Artistic, Outdoor, Speed, Derby, Jam and Rhythm. All these styles of mens roller skates are designed for different disciplines of roller skating and will have specific features to reflect that.


As you can see there are many styles of skates for the various types of skating that can be done. is your online source for mens skates as well as your source for learning about skates and skating. For a complete rundown of buying information, sizing information and more please view our content section or click the links below to view a specific article.


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