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At we stock a great selection of men’s inline skates for all skating disciplines. You will find men’s skates for recreational skating, fitness skating, aggressive skating, inline hockey, urban skating and more. Find great offerings from the industries top brands including a full line up from K2 and Rollerblade. We also stock men’s roller skates for derby, speed, jam rhythm and more. No matter the type of men’s skates you are looking for, you will be sure to find them here at More


One of the most popular types of men’s inline skates are the recreational and fitness skate styles. These skates are the most common type of skate and the skate people think of when they think of inline skating. Men’s fitness and recreational inline skates are great for inline skating with the family or for those looking to use inline skating as a fitness exercise to train or get into shape. These men’s skates will offer a standard four wheel design with a brake and will offer a comfortable cross trainer type boot fit. The most popular men’s skate brands in the recreational and fitness category are K2 and Rollerblade.

A new favorite type of skate is the men’s urban inline skate. Urban skates are a mixed breed between an aggressive skate and a recreation/fitness style skate. Men’s urban skates will offer a hard plastic outer shell like an aggressive skate but will offer a longer frame and larger wheels similar to a fitness or recreational skate. These skates are great for city settings offering the protection of an aggressive style skate with the speed and smoothness of a fitness skate. The most popular men’s urban skate brands are Rollerblade, K2, Roces and Doop.

If you’re looking to hit up the skatepark then you are going to want to pick up a pair of men’s aggressive skates. These men’s skates are going to be built to withstand mega abuse and keep your foot safe inside. With smaller wheels and a lower to the ground design, aggressive skates are built with control in mind. Made for grinding objects like rails or ledges, or jumping ramps or gaps, these skates are not best for long distances but there is no substitute if you’re looking to go to the skatepark. The most popular brands of men’s aggressive skates are Razors, Rollerblade, K2 and Remz.

Men’s inline hockey skates offer an ice hockey style boot with an inline skate chassis. These skates are obviously for those looking to play some inline hockey and will often come with grippy wheels setup for an indoor floor. These men’s inline skates are going to have a stiffer boot and a fit similar to an ice hockey skate making them best for hockey and not for recreational skating. Most popular men’s inline hockey skate brands are Alkali, CCM, Reebok and Tour.

Another classic men’s skate style is the rollerskate. Men’s rollerskates or quad skates come in various styles including outdoor, speed, jam, artistic or rhythm. These skates offer the traditional quad skate style with four wheels on each skate, two side by side in the front and two side by side in the rear. Top brands of men’s quad skates are Riedell, Pacer, RC, Dominion, Vanilla, and Labeda.

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