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Mens quad skates, also called roller skates, offer a side by side wheel set-up with 4 wheels total and a brake on the front. There are many styles of men’s roller skates for many different types of skating including outdoor, speed, jam, artistic or rhythm. The various men’s quad skates available are specifically set up for different types of skating and will have features to make them better for the specific type of skating they are made for. The main brands of men’s roller skates are Riedell, RC, Pacer, Dominion, Lenexa, Rock, Sure Grip, Vanilla and Roller Derby...Read More


When choosing a pair of men’s quad skates you will need to know the type of skating you will be doing. Artistic skating will take place at an indoor roller rink and the men’s roller skates for this type of skating will offer high boots and narrower wheels for great control. Speed and Jam skating roller skates will have a lower cut boot with larger/wider wheels great for going around a course and for speed. Outdoor men’s roller skates are going to offer a durable boot and a more durable wheel which helps the skates perform outside while withstanding the elements. Rhythm roller skates are going to offer a high boot and great support for rhythm skaters to bust moves in while offering the support they need for safe skating.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for men’s quad skates is your ability level. You are able to narrow your search for roller skates down in the skill range refinement which can offer ranges from beginner to intermediate and everything in between. If you’re a beginner skater you are going to be better off with a beginner to intermediate level skate as you will be able to comfortably learn and progress without the skate’s boot being overly stiff. If you are a more advanced level skater, an advanced to expert level men’s roller skate will be best offering better components and a stiffer boot for more performance.

Mens roller skates can fluctuate greatly in price from under $100 to a couple hundred dollars. A lot of the price comes from the components the skates are made up of. From The bearings to the wheels, a skates worth can go up greatly depending on these main components. Although many of the main components can be upgraded with aftermarket parts it is best to spend the money on the skate in the first place as it can end up saving money over purchasing new parts later.

When shopping for men’s roller skates be sure to use the left side refinements. These refinement boxes range from size, skate type, brand and price, to skill range, cuff height, wheel size, bearing grade and more. By clicking a feature from one of the refinement boxes you will see the entire page of men’s roller skates refresh showing you only skates that fit what you are looking for. For example; if you choose “Riedell” from the brand refinement, the page will refresh showing you only Riedell men’s roller skates. You can also use multiple refinements, simply make your first selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second refinement selection.

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