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Artistic skating is basically figure skating but with roller skates which makes sense as men’s artistic roller skates offer a figure skate boot with a roller skate bottom. This skate design aids in great support for safety and performance while maintaining a clean look great for competition. There are many features on artistic roller skates that are specific to this style of skate to ensure artistic skaters have the features needed for this type of skating. Some of the main things to look for with men’s artistic roller skates are wheel sizes, plates and toe stops...Read More


You will notice one big difference between jam and artistic skates is that artistic skates offer a full toe stop where jam skates offer a smaller jam plug. Men’s artistic roller skates offer a full toe stop as this is necessary for take offs during certain maneuvers. Similar to how figure skaters utilize a toe pick in ice figure skating, an artistic roller skater will utilize this front toe stop which is needed for some jumps like the mapes or the flip.

Men’s artistic roller skates will also all offer a metal or metal alloy plate on the bottom of the skate. These plates offer great support and will be durable for the jumps that artistic skaters do while skating. A plastic plate simply will not do and although the metal or metal alloy is slightly heavier than plastic, it is completely necessary for proper durability to withstand jump after jump. Many men’s artistic skates will also offer an additional jump bar which adds even more added support.

Wheels on a men’s artistic roller skate will typically be between 60 to 63mm for figure style skating and a smaller 57 to 59mm wheel for freestyle skating. These smaller wheels offer artistic skaters the ability to have complete control while skating but large enough to get a decent amount of speed for their maneuvers.

If you’re looking to narrow down the selection of men’s artistic roller skates shown to you, you will love the refinement feature. On the left side of the page you will notice a series of refinement boxes which contain such things as size, skill range, brand, price, bearing grade and more. When you choose a feature from one of these refinements the men’s artistic skates shown to you will update based on your selection. For example; if you choose expert from the skill range refinement, the page will refresh showing you only expert level men’s artistic roller skates. You can also use multiple refinements, simply wait for the page to refresh from your first selection and then make a second selection.

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