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If you are looking to do some major training or minor marathon skating a men’s fitness inline skate will be best for you. Men’s fitness skates are going to offer great support, a larger diameter wheel and a smooth bearing. With all these features these skates are going to give you great performance mile after mile and the support will ensure that every stride you take is giving you the maximum power transfer from body to skate. The main fitness skate brands are Rollerblade and K2 offering great skates for advanced and expert fitness skaters...Read More


One of the main things that differentiates men’s fitness skates and recreational skates is the actual weight of the skate. Fitness inline skates are going to be much lighter than recreational skates using lighter weight materials in the skate’s boot, frame and other materials. Men’s fitness inline skates will have either a metal alloy frame or a performance composite frame which adds rigidity to the skate while maintaining a light overall weight. The skate’s boots will also have minimal extra features to keep things simple to offer a great fit, form and function, but also a light overall weight.

Men’s fitness inline skates are also going to have larger overall wheel sizes. You will notice fitness skate wheel sizes are typically 100mm or larger. The larger wheels allow for a smoother roll and a faster overall speed when skating. These large wheels may take some skating to get used to if you’ve never been on a larger wheeled skate but once you get used to them they are very rewarding. With the wheels being larger in size, men’s fitness skates are going to roll over small cracks, bumps and rocks much smoother.

Men’s fitness inline skates do offer varying lacing options from standard laces, a quick lace or a Boa closure system. Standard laces will be just that, a standard pull and tie lace similar to a pair of shoes. A quick lace will typically be a pull and lock type of system that can be done and undone very quickly. A Boa closure men’s fitness skate will offer a knob and lace system where the knob can be turned to tighten the skate and easily pulled outward to loosen the skate completely.

When shopping men’s fitness inline skates you can easily use the left hand side of the page refinements to narrow your selection. These refinements include brand, skill range, price, closure type, wheel size, bearing grade and more. When you choose a refinement the page will automatically refresh to show your selection. For example, if you chose “Rollerblade” in the brand refinement, the page will refresh to show only Rollerblade men’s fitness skates. You can use multiple refinements at once, simply make your first refinement selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection and so on.

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