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Inline hockey skates resemble traditional ice hockey skates but instead of a blade on the bottom there is a set of grippy wheels. Inline hockey is played on a sport court surface or outside on paved surfaces. Inline hockey skates are going to offer great support and protection while giving a similar feel to ice skates. With a wheeled setup on the bottom these skates will give skaters a great stride while maintaining a short wheelbase to make them very maneuverable and making them easier to stop and go in a quick manner. The main brands of inline hockey skates are Alkali, CCM, Reebok and Tour...Read More


Inline hockey skates are not going to fit like a standard inline skate so be sure to check the skate’s details or sizing chart to ensure you choose the proper size. Most skates will need to be sized down a full size or more for a proper fit much like an ice hockey skate. An inline hockey skate is meant to fit very snug with no extra room. A tight fit gives the skater better control of the skate and will ensure that no blisters form from the foot moving around in the skate’s boot.

IYou will notice that inline hockey skates are available in various skill ranges from beginner to expert. These skill ranges will refer to the skate’s stiffness, bearing level and overall construction. A beginner inline hockey skate will offer a more forgiving feel great for those that are just getting into the sport. As the skate’s skill levels progress the stiffness will increase as will the bearing grade and quality of components. A lower level inline hockey skate will be great for beginners to get started on but for someone that plays aggressively and often, a higher end skate will offer the support and performance necessary.

IAll inline hockey skate frames will be made up of aluminum or a high grade aluminum. Inline hockey frames need to be very stiff to transfer the energy the skater is putting to the skate effectively giving them a strong stride as they skate. Inline hockey is a lot of stop and go action making it important to get the most out of each stride. Inline hockey skate frames will also often have cut-outs in them which saves on weight making the frames lighter and even more responsive.

IWhen shopping for a new pair of inline hockey skates be sure to be honest with yourself about how often you will be playing and at what skill level you’ll be playing. You won’t want to undersell yourself a pair of inline hockey skates and be lacking the performance needed for the hockey you will be playing. Spending the extra money on a pair of inline hockey skates will ensure you have the proper skates for the type of skating you will be doing, and buying a pair of skates over your skill level could lead to them being too stiff for your ability level. Be honest when shopping for your new inline hockey skates and you will be happy in the long run.

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