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Jam skating is the marriage of dance, gymnastics and roller skating, and men’s jam roller skates will give you the ability to take part in this activity. The main influences for jam skating is breakdancing, gymnastics and modern dance. With so many key influences you can be assured there are many ways to jam skate and adding your personal style is part of the fun. stocks a great selection of men’s jam roller skates making it easy to get involved at any level...Read More


Men’s jam skates are meant to fit snug as the skates themselves become an extension of the skater’s feet. All the moves that jam skaters do make it necessary to have a tight fitting skate that will move with them when they are moving and jiving to the music. When you first try on your new jam skates they may feel a bit tight but there will be some break in, and the skates will fit better after a few skates. As long as your toes are not curled or crunched upon trying on your skates, the break in will allow for a good fit.

Originally, jam skates would offer a high cuff boot and a large toe stop but this design proved to hinder the ability to truly jam skate. Now jam roller skates offer a low cut boot which gives skaters the freedom to really move while still offering support lower in the ankle. Jam skates will offer a jam plug for a brake system now which is a smaller brake setup on the front of the skate which still allows users to brake but will not get in the way when busting moves.

Many men’s jam skates will have a cover over the laces. This cover is not a strap and is not the tightening mechanism for the skates. Under the cover is a standard lace setup which works well to tighten the skates for comfort and support. The cover acts as protection for the laces to ensure nothing gets damaged or comes loose while you’re skating.

When shopping men’s jam roller skates there are some main features to look for including skill range, bearing grade and more. The features that make up a jam skate are going to impact the performance, fit and feel. When shopping you will want to keep in mind your personal preference, your skating style and how often you are skating. If you are just starting out as a beginner jam skater some of the more advanced features may not be necessary but if you are a seasoned skater these features are going to be important.

To easily shop men’s jam roller skates by specific features, simply use the refinements found on the left side of the page. These refinements range from size, brand, skill range and price, to closure type, wheel size, bearing grade and even color. When you select a refinement the page will automatically refresh showing you only skates with the feature you have selected. For example, if you choose Riedell from the brand refinement the page will refresh showing you only men’s Riedell jam skates. You can also use multiple refinements at onces; simply make your first selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection.

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