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Probably the most popular men’s inline skate style is the recreational skate. Men’s recreational inline skates are designed for casual skating with the family around the subdivision or park to longer skate sessions testing endurance and burning calories. Built with ample support as well as comfort qualities including form fitting padding and supportive footbeds, these skates can give men the extra boost they need to get in shape. stocks a great selection of men’s fitness skates with the most popular models from the most popular brands K2 and Rollerblade...Read More


While men’s recreational skates are a type of men’s inline skate there are still varying skill ranges associated with these skates. You can choose from beginner to expert level men’s recreational skates in the “skill range” refinement found on the left side of the page. These skill ranges will refer to the makeup of the skate, from the boot stiffness and wheel size to the bearing grade and frame material. The more beginner level skates will typically offer a softer boot, smaller wheels and a lower grade bearing and as you go up in the skill range the skate boot’s stiffen, the wheels will get larger and the bearing grades increase.

Another big difference found on men’s recreational inline skates is the closure type. The main styles of closure types are going to be a traditional lace closure, speed lace system or a Boa closure. Traditional lace closure men’s skates are just what they sound like, a traditional lace closure system. Quick lace systems are often a pull lace system that you can simply pull and lock in place. The Boa men’s skate closure is becoming more popular and offers a dial system that can be simply turned to tighten and released to loosen the skates. You can choose from a certain closure type by choosing either, Boa, speed lace or traditional laces in the “closure type” refinement on the left side of the page. All closure types will typically be accompanied by a Velcro powerstrap in the middle of the skate’s boot and a buckle top closure system.

To easily shop by the above refinements and more, simply look to the left side of the page. There you will find several refinement boxes including size, brand, skill range, price, closure type and more. By choosing an attribute from one of these refinements you will change the skates shown to you automatically. If you choose “beginner” from the skill range refinement, the page will refresh and you will be shown men’s beginner recreational skates. Multiple refinements can be used at once; simply make your first selection and after the page refreshes you can then make a second selection, and so on.

When choosing a men’s recreational inline skate it is important to be true to yourself and what type of skating you will be doing. If you are an absolute beginner you will want to start with a beginner to intermediate level skate even though you may have to replace it once your skill level increases. You will also not want to skimp on the level of skate you choose to save money; if you are an advanced level skater, you are going to want to choose a more advanced level skate. Men’s recreational skates are specifically made for differing levels of skating for a reason and this is to make your skating as enjoyable as possible at whatever skill level you are currently at.

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