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Rhythm skating is similar to artistic skating but instead of having specific maneuvers performed as a routine, rhythm skaters allow the music to dictate their moves. The roots of rhythm skating can be traced all the way back to Detroit and as early as WWII when ballroom dancers looking for another outlet began roller skating to music. Men’s rhythm roller skates are going to look similar to a figure skate but will offer a lightweight roller skate plate on the bottom and instead of a traditional front stopper, these skates offer a jam plug for added mobility...Read More


Although Detroit is hailed as the early birthplace for rhythm skating, now there are several types of rhythm skating all across the globe. Some of the most popular styles of rhythm skating are shuffle skating, bounce skating, rexing, toe jamming, R&B skating, funk skating, freestyle rhythm skating and rock skating. Although a lot of these skating disciplines have meshed together, each holds a certain special characteristic in the rhythm skating whole. Men’s rhythm roller skates can be used for all these styles of skating.

A men’s rhythm roller skating boot is designed to be supportive as well as offering great mobility so skaters can move to the music without feeling constrained. Another great feature on rhythm skates are the padded ankles which can help when you are twisting around to the music. Rhythm boots are super durable and ready for whatever abuse you throw their way with leather uppers, outsoles and heels.

You will notice a wide range of prices with men’s rhythm roller skates and this has to do with the components on the skates. Skates can range from beginner to advanced level with different frames, bearings and wheels. Choosing a proper rhythm skate for your skill range will take in several factors including, how often you skate, how long you’ve been skating, and your skating aspirations.

When shopping men’s rhythm skates on you can use the left side of the page refinements to narrow your selection to exactly what you want. These refinements include size, brand, skill range, bearing grade and more. Choosing a feature from the refinements will automatically refresh the page to show you only skates that offer the feature you have chosen. For example; if you choose beginner from the skill range refinement, the page will automatically refresh showing you only men’s beginner rhythm roller skates. You can also use multiple refinements at once, simply choose the first refinement and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection, and so on.

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