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Urban skating is a new trend in inline skating and stocks a full selection of men’s urban inline skates so that you can get into this trend yourself. You can find urban skates from the top brands including Rollerblade, K2, Doop and more. There are many design elements that make an urban skate an urban skate including a durable boot design, shorter frame and comfortable padded liners. Men’s urban skates are great for those in a city setting where they need the added protection from the hustle and bustle as well as a shorter wheelbase to make their skate more maneuverable...Read More


Men’s urban skates look like aggressive skates on steroids which is pretty much what they are. With an aggressive skate style boot and a recreational skate style frame you have the protection and comfort of an aggressive skate but the added speed and control of a recreational style skate. Great for skaters that do a bit of aggressive style skating but still want a skate that will take them longer distances faster and with more comfort.

As far as fit is concerned men’s urban skates are going to fit the same as standard inline skates. The skates may feel a bit tighter at first due to the extra padding found on the inner liner but this will break in after a few times using the skates. When you first put on your new urban skates, kick your foot back in the heel before tightening them and then tighten them. Your toes should be close to the front, they can even be brushing the front, as long as they are not curled or crunched. A good tight fit will ensure the skates perform well and will be more comfortable as extra room can lead to soreness and blisters.

When you are deciding on a new pair of men’s urban inline skates, you will want to ask yourself some questions about your skating aspirations. Two main questions to consider when shopping for urban skates are how often will you be skating and what type of skating will you be doing? Answering these questions honestly will give you a better idea of the exact type of urban skate you need.

Deciding where you will be skating mostly will help determine if you want a skate with a larger wheel setup or a smaller wheel setup. If you are skating fairly longer distances, you will want a larger wheel for more speed and smoothness. If you are skating mostly short distances or doing some park style skating, you will want a smaller wheel for more control as the smaller wheel will give a shorter turn radius.

Determining how often you will be skating is a key contributor to the men’s urban skate you choose. If you are skating very often you are going to want a nicer skate which will offer more support and higher end components, ie: higher grade bearings, better liner and a larger wheel. You can choose a better skate if you don’t skate often but if you do skate often you definitely should choose a nicer urban skate model.

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