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Heelys are more than just shoes! Heelys are shoes with a built in wheel on each shoe that allow those that wear them to shuffle, skate and roll their way wherever they go! Heelys come in an array of colors for boys and girls and offer an easy learning curve to all those that put a pair on. Walking is no longer boring when you have a pair of Heelys shoes!

Heelys Fun!
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Heelys shoes are great fun to play around in and as you progress and get better at skating in them you can start to do tricks and special maneuvers. Be sure you have a good grasp on simply getting around in your Heelys before attempting any special maneuvers and always wear the proper protective equipment when using your Heelys shoes.

Heelys for Boys and Girls

Heelys shoes are available in an array of colors and styles to mesh with anyones fashion. There are pretty pinks and tri-color blacks, purples and greens so no matter your style there is a Heelys for you. Heelys shoes are fun and funky all while being stylish and unique!

How To Remove Heely Wheels

1. Hold the shoe with the sole facing outward.

2. Push hard with both thumbs on the side of the wheel until one axle begins to come out.

3. After one end of the acle is partially out, turn the shoe around & push on the other side of the wheel to remove.

Removing a Heely Wheel Diagram

When you want to wear your new Heelys shoes as flat bottom shoes it’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! All you have to do is remove the Heely wheel with the tool included with your new Heelys shoes, and then add the Heelys plug insert which is also included in the box. Well, that’s actually as easy as 1 - 2! Once you have the plug inserted in your Heelys shoes you will have a standard flat bottom shoe to wear, and reverting them back to a Heelys wheeled shoe is as easy as reversing the steps and adding the Heelys wheel back to the shoes.

Helpful Gear Tips
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