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Rollerblade Maxxum Series is a union between standard Rollerblade inline skates and urban skates. The Maxxum Series by Rollerblade take the versatility of an urban skate and adds Rollerblade's new cuffs, new wheel compounds and their new molded boot technology. The Rollerblade Maxxum series of skates are great for commuting, cruising and training.

Rollerblade Maxxum Series
Rollerblade Urban Skate Video

Rollerblade Urban Skates are great for those commuting around town, or for those skating in a busy city for exercise or fun. Urban skates from Rollerblade are built similar to aggressive inline skates to be durable and offer great skate control, yet urban skates come with larger wheels for smoother and faster rolling.

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Rollerblade Protective Gear

Rollerblade Protective Wearing the proper skating pads and a helmet while skating with your Rollerblade inline skates is very important. Rollerblade pads and helmets are available in many styles and sizes to accommodate all skaters.

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Rollerblade Skate Wheels

Maintaining Rollerblade inline skates is very important. You are encouraged to routinely check your wheels for imperfections and wear, and you should check your bearings occasionally for a smooth roll. When it comes time to replace the wheels and bearings on your Rollerblade skates, you can count on Inlineskates.com to carry all the replacement wheels, bearings, tools and more!

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