It’s hard sometimes to really unwind on a vacation and trends show that we are going on less and less vacations and leaving more and more vacation days on the table. Well, what about an inline skating vacation! Yeah, you can essentially take your inline skates on any vacation as long as your vacation isn’t to Alaska in the depths of winter but we’re talking about a legitimate pre-set up inline skating specific vacation. What if you had a predetermined path and a group with you including trained guides and emergency personnel? That is what an inline skating vacation can be like when set up through Zephyr Adventures.

Zephyr adventures, the inline skaters vacation service

Zephyr Adventures

Zephyr Adventures is a tour company which started in 1997 as the world’s first inline skating and rollerblading tour company. Now they offer not only inline skate tours but also have a wide range of other great tours including biking, hiking, wine tours and more. All these great tours are meant to offer vacationers a little something different than the normal hum drum vacations of the past. With experienced guides to help you along the way while still allowing you some freedom to explore on your own these inline skate vacations will give you an experience you will not soon forget.

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Where do I inline skate vacation at?

Anywhere really, you can find local parks and skate worthy terrain nearly anywhere. The most popular trips for inline skating done by Zephyr Vacations are trips to Florida, South Carolina, Idaho, Switzerland or Wyoming. All of these areas are going to offer exciting and fun areas to skate and breathtaking scenery to take in. Two main things to think about before you choose somewhere to take a skate vacation are climate and terrain. Ideally the climate should be warm but not overly hot and humid so different times of the year will be best in different areas. For terrain you will want to know the terrain ahead of time and when making your decision on where to go. You will want to know the condition of the pavement around the area and if there are skate trails, paths or any other safe area to skate. You will also want to know whether the terrain is hilly or flat and take into account your personal inline skating skills to determine what type of terrain is going to be best for you.

What do I pack for an inline skating vacation?

About 35-40 pairs of inline skates! Just kidding but you definitely will want to bring your inline skates for your own trip or one with Zephyr Adventures as Zephyr does not supply skates. You will want to ensure you have plenty of workout style clothing that will offer a more athletic fit great for skating. Cotton clothing that we wear most days will collect and hold moisture making cotton a terrible choice of skate attire. You will also want to make sure you have proper fitting inline skate pads and helmets. Depending on the length of the trip you may want to bring an extra set of wheels for your skates just in case they get worn. You will also want to make up two different first aid kits, one for you and one for your skates. The one for you should contain regular first aid supplies and emergency supplies. The inline skate first aid kit should contain extra parts, pieces and tools to fix your skates. Having both these kits will help give you piece of mind while out inline skating.

Not a great skater? Not a big deal!

Maybe you feel an inline skating vacation is a bit above your skill level as an inline skater but don’t dismay, simply learn! Zephyr Adventures offers different ability level trips so you don’t get in over your head and they also have lessons by trained professionals which can teach the basics and can help you hone your skills if you are above the beginner level. If you are going on your own skate vacation and need to touch up on your skills we recommend seeking out a skate lesson in your area before you go. You will also want to do some research on the terrain you are going to be skating to get a grasp of the area whether you are looking for hills, parks or skate paths.

Hopefully we have helped answer any questions you may have had about inline skating vacations and made you feel comfortable that this is something you can do. Vacations are fun and inline skating is fun so combining the two will definitely give you a great time and greater memories to share.