Pads are pretty much a requirement when you’re about to partake in a sport that has the word “aggressive” in it. When you do hit the park to do some Aggressive Inline Skating, make sure you keep yourself protected from those unintended falls. We like to think that we can slay any rail we come across but I have had had plenty of bruises to tell me otherwise.

Aggressive Skate Pads Diagram

Helmets are a given. But here are the pads you should consider as well:

  • Wrist Guards – Your Aggressive Skate Wrist Guards will be a little burlier than a recreational Wrist Guard. Some of the more durable Wrist Guards will be leather reinforced and designed with anti-abrasion materials.
  • Knee Pads – Stronger and more durable, a good pair of Knee Pads will cover a larger area than a recreational knee pad. Because of some of the tricks and jumps you more liable to land on areas more than just your knee. The best Knee Pads will be able to shift with your movements to ensure you have the most ground covered as well as best comfort.
  • Elbow Pads – Like many of the other Aggressive pads out there, these pads will cover a little more area. The best Elbow Pads will move with your arm motions to ensure your elbow is safely protected. These shifts also help increase the overall comfort because the material won’t bunch up.

For comfort, make sure to get breathable fabrics that will help keep you dry where you have your pads. Some material will offer moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you feeling more comfortable.

The last thing you want to do is spend your days not skating because you opted out of wearing knee pads. Aggressive Skate Pads aren’t very expensive and they will leave you well protected against mishaps at the park.