Kids Roller Skate Buying Guide

As many of you know, your child likely has no fear where it’s needed and grows like a weed. Here we will help you with the demands of growing feet and we’ll leave the padding recommendations for another guide.

There are many contributing factors you will need to know when it is time to purchase a pair of kids roller skates for your little one. Will they be skating indoors or outdoors? How often and for how long will they be skating? Once you know the answers to these questions, you will be on your way. Once you have received your education head on over and shop boys and girls roller skates.

Outdoor Roller Skates or Indoor Roller Skates?

The one determining factor you need to know is that outdoor roller skate wheels are softer than their Indoor counterpart because they are made to absorb the vibrations from any rough terrain your child may be skating, which will give your little Tom or Jill a comfortable skating experience.

If your child will be skating in both areas, we recommend investing in a nice pair of skates for their indoor skating needs and a less expensive pair for outside. Outdoor skates are faced with more elements such as dirt, water and rough falls. Replacing an Outdoor roller skate would be less expensive than an Indoor one.

What About Kids Roller Skate Sizing?

Here is exactly what we were talking about when we said “weeds”. We know your child’s foot size may be changing as often as every few months and you wouldn’t want to get a skate that is too big or would be outgrown too quickly. Kids Roller Skates do run true to their shoe size. But, depending on the activity your child will be skating, you may need to ensure that a very snug fit or one size larger will be needed. Never buy a skate that is more than one size larger and have your child skate in this. Not to mention the injuries that will occur, your child will not have a fun time and will likely not want to go skating again.

Kids shoe sizes start in Juvenile sizing. You may see sizes listed such as J1 and go all the way up to J13. When a kid gets to a size 1, the size scale is the same as adults.

Adjustable Roller Skates

There are roller skates made that are adjustable between 3 to 4 sizes, so they will grow with your child. These skates were made popular by their cousin the Inline Skate and are absolutely wonderful!

Roller Skate Sizing Chart

 Inches US/Canada Europe Japan UK
5.38 6.5 23 - 5.5
5.56 7 23.5 14 6
5.75 7.5 24 - 6.5
5.88 8 24.5 15 7
6.06 8.5 25 16 8
6.38 9.5 26 - 8.5
6.47 10 26.5 16.5 9
6.67 10.5 27 - 9.5
6.83 11 27.5 17.5 10
6.98 11.5 28 - 10.5
7.14 12 28.5 18.5 11
7.30 12.5 29 - 11.5
7.46 13 30 19 12
7.77 1 31 20 13
7.93 1.5 31.5 20.5 13
8.09 2 32.5 21 1
8.25 2.5 33 21.5 1.5
8.40 3


22 2