Inline Skate Knee Pad
It seemed that there was a time when you would buy protective gear for when you inline skate and it they had Velcro straps that were uncomfortable and the pads, while effective, were hot and didn’t wick moisture away very well.

Features to look out for when you’re buying a set of knee pads:
  • Material – Since the fabric will be the one thing touching your body the most it’s best to have something comfortable. It’s best to invest in a product that offers material similar to Coolmax Fabric which offers moisture control. When you’re skating and building up a sweat this feature to push the sweat away from your body and cool you down is always a plus.
  • Gels – Many pads are now equipped with a gel which makes the pads more comfortable to wear. This takes the bulkiness out of the foam that usually is placed between the hard-plastic on the exterior and the material on the interior.
  • Genders – They do make pads for different genders and a womens knee pad will be smaller than a general knee pad of mens specific knee pad.
  • Aggressive – Aggressive Pads are designed for the hardcore skater. If you’re spending your time doing tricks or jumping on rails then these are the pads for you. They are bigger than a standard knee pad and provide extra protection around the knees.
There are many different knee pads out there so whether you opt for a gel or foam knee pad or Velcro versus a knee pad you slip on, the most important thing is to remember to wear them. If you fall, you’ll probably be falling forward onto your knees.