Two Pad Inline Skate Pad Pack

It may seem easy to buy inline skate pads; however it’s not quite that easy. There are many factors you need to look at when purchasing inline skate pads. We here at are here to provide you with some friendly and helpful tips to ensure you get the right pads for you.

Now you may be someone who has bought pads before, or maybe you haven’t. With that in mind you can go the easy route and buy a Two Pad pack. The two pad pack is just that two pads, more specifically it is knee pads and wrist guards which along with a helmet are the two most important pads that you need to get. When skating should you fall the best thing to do is fall forward and when doing that you tend to scrape your knees and if you stick your hands out you will cut up your hands or worse break your wrist.

Two pad packs are perfect for the inline skating fanatic who is looking for minimal protection with pads and don’t feel the need for elbow pads. So as a cheaper alternative the two pad pack was born.


Sizing an inline skate pad is quite similar to sizing of pads in other sports; you ideally are looking for a snug fit so the pad doesn’t move but will still fit comfortable. Most inline skate pads are sized by weight; click here to see a size chart for sizing your inline skate pads.

Recreational Inline Skating Pads

Typically lightweight and minimal while still giving you the right amount of protection, recreational inline skate pads will keep you protected should you have an accident. These pads are made lightweight and smaller so they will not get in your way or cause you discomfort while skating. Here are a few things you are looking for when selecting the right two pad pack.

Men’s Vs Women’s

There is a big difference between pads when it comes to man and woman. Men’s pads are typically wider and bulkier and women’s are more streamlined and smaller.


When a pad is breathable it makes them more comfortable. Breathability is highly important as it will help keep you cool while you are out there working up a sweat.

Sweat Wicking Properties

Almost all inline skate pads offer a moisture wicking property so the pads won’t get wet when you inevitably sweat during skating. This feature is both comfortable and will keep the pads cleaner overall.

Shock Absorption

A lot of pads will offer you a gel or harder foam that is inserted between the padding and the cloth cover which is a shock absorption material. This will lessen the impact of the fall and will create a comfort factor when skating.

That is an overview of inline skating pads and hopefully provides you with the information that you need to make sure you select the right protection for your inline skating needs.