Roller skating from many perspectives may only be seen as a recreational activity or something that is done by kids at local rinks but to the actual roller skaters out there, they know there is much, much more. Roller skating has several differing genres within its vast name that give those who take part their own individual style that fits them. But what are all these styles and what do they mean? We are here to help define and differentiate these styles so that maybe you can pick one for yourself.

Types of Roller Skates

Derby Skating

Derby skating or Roller derby is a crowd favorite and a historic form of roller skating and of entertainment that many of us can remember from a young age. It was a widely American contact sport for men and women but has grown to be an international mostly women's contact sport currently. Participants skate around an oval track in formation and score points by passing members of the opposing team often getting physical in their encounters.

Jam Skating

You may remember Jam skating as a casual form of skating done on the weekends but as any other activity as times change it forms and becomes redefined. Jam skating now borrows from gymnastics, hip hop and break dancing and is an amazing show of athleticism and balance. The idea is to transform these moves from traditional dancing and activity to doing them on rollerskates fluently. Jam skating can become very competitive with tournaments forming all over for skaters to showcase their skill.

Vert Skating

Vert Roller skating is just like vert skating in skateboarding and inline skating where the participant skates on a half pipe style ramp performing tricks and transitions. Using Roller skates you can perform many in air maneuvers as well as grinding the metal coping on the top of a halfpipe. This type of skating takes a lot of skill and great overall balance on rollerskates. Vert skating can be an absolute delight to watch if ever given the opportunity.

Rink Skating

Many of us have grown up going to the local roller rink on the weekends spending time with friends socializing and skating our worries away. Rink skating is a very social form of skating where it is almost like a roller party with everyone laughing and having a great time all while rolling around on rollerskates with music playing in the background. Many rinks offer couple skates, games, children's skates among many other specials, what are you waiting for? Go find a rink near you and get in on some of the fun.

Dance Skating

Dance skating can be similar to Jam skating as in both you are dancing on skates although in traditional dance skating you are more fluent and choreographed. Dance skaters, either solo or in a team, get judged on the accuracy of their steps and are also judged by their rhythm and timing to the music.

Quadline Skating

If you take apart the name you can get the actual definition of this type of skating. Quadline skating is when you take a standard looking pair of Rollerskates and apply special frames and inline skate wheels to them making them more maneuverable, fast and stable. By adding these wheels and modifying these skates you can transform the feeling beneath your feet and unleash a new chapter in your rollerskating career.

Now that you have all the ammunition to make your choice of what type of skating you are mainly interested in take a look at the skate styles to see what type of skate best suits you. Get out and get rollerskating today!