An inline skater’s paradise is maybe California, where there are more sunny days, or Arizona where you can skate in the heat but without the humidity, or maybe Florida skating by the beaches with the welcoming breezes. Well, I am in the midst of yet another Michigan winter and I for one am sick of it. So what does one do when stuck with cold winter temps and no ability to go outside and skate? Well, they melt the frames of their inline skates down to make a harmonica and start off on some wicked inline skating blues songs…. alright, there has to be something better than that. Here’s a few of my tried and true methods for alleviating the inline skater winter blues.

Stay Active!

Just because you can’t go outside and strap on your skates doesn’t mean you have to sit around and eat cream puffs watching re-runs of Parks and Rec until your stomach aches and your eyes burn. Maybe you loathe the winter including the snow and the low temps, that’s fine, stay inside. Get on the elliptical, treadmill, take a yoga class, whatever! Keeping your body active in the winter is very important especially if you want to strap into your skates in the spring and not feel the burn like a first timer. If you are not scared of the winter temps and weather, grab some downhill skis or cross country skis! Have you ever noticed how much this resembles inline skating? Skiing will work many of the same muscles while you are having a great time. Also, look for indoor skating rinks; these are dwindling in numbers but some are still around. I have one 35 minutes from my home and it is still well kept and draws a decent crowd.

Work on your gear!Inline Skate Tool

The winter months give you the time to take your skates out and admire them! Now is the time to do a thorough inspection of your inline skates. Take off the wheels and clean the frames, take apart the wheels and clean the bearings, tighten all the bolts, etc, etc. This is also a great time to make upgrades if you feel them necessary. I will warn you though, if you make some great upgrades it may make it harder to wait for the season to start. I upgraded wheels and bearings towards the end of last winter and although day one was awesome on the new set-up, the wait was pretty awful. Also, psst, the offseason can sometimes be a great time to look for sales on the past years skates and gear.

Watch videos, do research and come up with goals!

There are many great videos offered online whether they are geared towards fitness skating or aggressive skating. I love watching old aggressive skate videos and they get me pumped for the season to begin even if I don’t aggressive skate that often any more. You can also go to the vendor’s sites like K2 and Rollerblade and learn about the new technology that is coming out, or of course follow to get all of our updates. Another great idea is to come up with an inline skating goal list. This list could include things like; getting your lap time down at a certain skate course, or skate a beautiful trail you’ve been meaning to get to. Writing it down will fire you up to attain these goals.

Keeping the fire alive for inline skating while not being able to inline skate can often feel like chasing a unicorn but it’s important to keep your spirits up so you don’t melt your skates down and make a harmonica to sing the blues!