Inline skate selection and choice is often times over looked. As inline skating grows and more and more inline skates are readily available this selection becomes more important than ever. There are several types of inline skates and styles to fit different types of inline skaters. offers a lot of information within the site from sizing guides, buying guides and countless inline skate videos but who are the customers? Here we will go through a few role play scenarios with different types of inline skate customers and the type of inline skates that fit them best. Hopefully you can form a connection with one of the customers to better help in deciding which inline skate to buy. We will start with a few recreational and fitness inline skaters and get into urban, and racing inline skaters further into the post.

Who is Tom? Tom is a 45 year old art teacher who is looking to pick up inline skating 1 to 2 times a week. Mainly Tom will be using the inline skates to walk his dog in a more efficient manner and to skate with his 13 year old daughter. Tom looks to inline skate more during the summer when he has more free time but will mostly be skating on the weekends.

What inline skates does Tom get? Tom tried on the K2 Moto 84 and the Rollerblade Spark 84 inline skates. Both fit very well and offered him great support mixed with comfort which is what he’s looking for. Although both inline skates fit very well Tom liked the color scheme on the Spark 84 so he went with that as his selection.

Who is Linda? Linda is a 29 year old woman finishing graduate school and working full time. Linda is trying to have a social life mixed with her responsibilities and was invited to an inline skating party. Linda has not skated in many years but was happy to jump at the chance to get out and have some fun outside of her work and school books. Linda may skate occasionally after the party but mainly is looking for inline skates for the party. She does not want to spend a lot of money but wants the skates to be comfortable and not hurt her feet.

What inline skates did Linda get? Linda tried on the Bladerunner Pro 78 and the K2 Athena inline skates. The Bladerunner had the smaller price tag but after trying the K2 Athena Linda was hooked on the soft boot comfort and enhanced look of the Athena, Linda bought the Athena and has been inline skating every other weekend since the party.

Who is Steve? Steve is a 34 year old father of 2 who stays very active. Steve likes to ski all winter long which includes some beer league racing with friends. Steve wants to buy inline skates to keep in shape in the summer months and maintain the fitness regiment he sets up in the winter while skiing. He is not looking to do marathons with inline skates but would like to be able to comfortably skate longer distances. He has a park near his house with an 8 mile track he would like to skate 1-2 times weekly.

What inline skates did Steve get? Although outside of his initial price range Steve ends up falling in love with the Rollerblade Tempest 90 inline skates. He feels they offer similar support to his ski boots and the higher up design makes him feel more comfortable. With the 90mm wheels he can skate longer distances and maintain decent speed while staying under control, way to go Steve!

Who is Sarah? Sarah is a competitive skier at the college level. Just turning 22 Sarah is looking to add something to her training in the off season, enter inline skating. She is looking to get out and skate 2-3 times a week on her campus and on a 10 mile track near campus. Does not want the stiffness of a real race boot but could go for the speed and smoothness that comes with speed skates.

What inline skates did Sarah get? Sarah tried on the Rollerblade Speedmachine RX100 and the K2 Radical 100 inline skates and she really like the feel of each. Both skates fit very well but the K2 seemed like it offered more support and it was purple, Sarah loves purple. Sarah bought the K2 Radical 100 and has loved the skating she’s been able to do with them.

Who is Jen? Jen is a 18 year old college freshman living in the dorms. She is looking to buy inline skates to use as transportation to and from class. She will be skating at least 4 times a week to and from class while also using the skates to get around doing errands. Jen is a snowboarder and understands the importance of a quality boot; she wears K2 snowboard boots and loves the fit and support she gets out of them.

What inline skates did Jen get? Jen tried on a few K2 models as she is kind of brand loyal and thoroughly enjoyed the fit of the K2 Electra. It offered great support in a more recreational design versus some of the more race inspired boots. Jen has loved her K2 Electra’s and has put many miles on them all while never being late to class! Go Jen go!

Rick: Who is Rick? Rick is a 25 year old who recently moved to Chicago for work. Dealing with traffic and cabs is not his style so Rick is looking for an alternative. As a previous aggressive skater Rick knew he could handle the mean streets on a pair of inline skates but his aggressive skating days are behind him for the most part. Hearing about the new urban inline skate genre Rick was intrigued to try some of these types of skates on.

What inline skates did Rick get? Rick tried on the Rollerblade RB10 and Rollerblade Twister 80 urban inline skates. Both skates fit very well and offered Rick great support but he felt the Twister 80 offered him more maneuverability. With a smaller wheel set up and shorter length frame he felt more at home with this design so he went with the Rollerblade Twister 80. He is now known as the shy town skate king!

Who is Sean? Sean is a 36 year old Marathon Runner who runs daily but is looking to add inline skating to his hobbies. Sean wants to do some marathons on skates and is interested solely in distance and speed when it comes to skating.

What inline skates did Sean get? Sean purchased the Vanilla Attitude 195 as he understood the importance of getting a great pair of inline skates. The Vanilla offers him the stiff performance boot with a lightweight chassis and larger wheels. Sean has been skating hard since getting the skates and has already done 3 marathons, careful Sean you may just never want to run again!

Who is Emma? Emma is a 5 year old girl who will be inline skating around the neighborhood with her Dad. They are looking to skate around their subdivision a few times a week. A big fan of the color pink Emma set out to get some inline skates.

What inline skates did Emma get? Emma tried on the Bladerunner Phaser and the K2 Annika inline skates as they both were made for recreational skating and could be used for the purpose she was looking for. Both skates were adjustable and available in a size that would work well for her; both skates fit well so it came down to design and color. Emma chose the Bladerunner Phaser simply because the color and design made her happier, good for you Emma!