Inline Skating Fun for the Entire Family

One of the great things about inline skating is that it is an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. And let’s just face it, today’s world moves very fast, and sometimes the time you have to spend with your family just seems like it is too little. Inline skating is the perfect choice to get your family together and spend some quality time.

If members of your family are a bit hesitant or skeptical about how much fun they can have, here are a few things to help you get them excited to pick up the sport.

First, learning to skate is easy and you can skate almost anywhere. It is a low impact activity that helps increase flexibility, reduces stress on joints, and allows you to keep active.

Second, it can be fun for the whole family, and be more than just people skating. One of the great things you can do with inline skating is be creative and devise some games to play. Of course you can also take classic games such as tag, hide-and-go-seek, and basketball and adapt them to inline skating. Aside from these classic games, you can also play some others. We have provided a few below that you may like.

Beginner Inline Skating Games

Koosh Ball Scoop: For this game you will need some Koosh balls, or other easy to grab, non-rolling targets. To play, scatter the Koosh balls around the area you plan on playing. Once they all have been scattered, skaters will skate around trying to pick them up, placing them in their or their team’s respective bin. The person/team who gathers the most wins.

Red Light! Green Light!: Another classic game turned into loads of skating fun. This game is perfect for helping beginner skaters with the critical skill of stopping. All players line up side-by-side at one of a skating area while a “cop” calls out commands of Red, Yellow, or Green light. On green light, all skaters move forward. On yellow light, skaters glide/coast in preparation to stop. At red lights, all skaters come to complete stop. Any person who violates must start over.

Intermediate Inline Skating Games

RoadRunner vs. Coyote: Begin by drawing a chalk line on the pavement where you are skating. This line will represent the “edge of a cliff”. Skaters will take turns skating as fast as they possibly can towards the “cliff”. As they make their approach a whistle is to be blown, indicating the skater to stop. If they can do so before going off the “cliff,” they are considered the RoadRunner. If not, they are a Coyote. As skaters get better at stopping before the “cliff,” wait longer before blowing it.

Skating Waiter Relay: Many skaters have difficulty keeping their upper body erect and their arms under control when skating. This retro-themed relay race will help remedy that problem. Divide skaters into teams, giving each team a tray and a water bottle to balance on top of it. A whistle signifies the beginning of the relay and each team member must skate to a cone and back without dropping the bottle. They must then hand the tray and bottle to the next teammate. The race ends when all team members of one team cross the finish line.

Expert Inline Skating Games

Cone Slalom: Using a cone of any sort (plastic bottle filled with sand, milk jug, Frisbee, etc.) invent a course to skate through. Skaters must maneuver through the course without knocking over any cones in the fastest time.