We are not sure why but there seems to be a fascination over whether people think inline skating or Rollerblading is “dead” as a sport. Here at Inlineskates.com we know that inline skating and Rollerblading is not dead but while looking up inline skating and Rollerblading in Google we noticed a disturbing trend. If you type “is rollerblading” or “is inline skating” into Google to do a search, some of the automatically generated search options are quite riveting. These automatic search queries are generated by the most popular searches done for the phrase you have started to enter into Google so these questions are legitimately getting asked, a lot.

Is Rollerblading....
Is Inline Skating...

So…. As you can see in the above screen captures of these queries are all over the place and as some are expected and make sense, others are troubling and somewhat ridiculous. Hard as it may be we are going to try to answer all these questions right here and right now. Let’s start with the first image pertaining to the queries related to “is Rollerblading”.

Is Rollerblading gay: Referring to the word as it arrived to the English language in the 12th century from the Old French word “gai” with the primary meaning of joyful or carefree than yes, Rollerblading is gay. If you are referring to the use of the term as it has been used in the late 19th century to 20th century referring to homosexuality than Rollerblading is indifferent.

Is Rollerblading like ice skating: Yes Rollerblading does share some similarities to ice skating and as far as two different sports go Rollerblading and ice skating could be brothers. Rollerblading is going to work most all the same muscles as ice skating and will share a lot of the same movements and skills. If you are an ice skater looking for an off ice workout Rollerblading is going to be a great activity to keep muscle memory and enhance skills. Rollerblade as a brand was started by two Minnesota brothers looking for an off ice way to work out so we’d say that Rollerblading is like ice skating.

Is Rollerblading hard: There is a bit of a learning curve for those that have never done it so they may think it is hard at first but once learned it’s like riding a bike, you know how to ride a bike don’t you? Rollerblading or inline skating is not hard once you have learned the basics and there are a lot of great courses and trainers out there willing to help. Check your local skating rink or park for lessons.

Is Rollerblading dead: Rollerblading is not dead, it has a pulse and a heartbeat within all of us who skate. Every time we pull on our skates we are breathing life into Rollerblading and as hard as it may be for some to believe there are a great number of people that Rollerblade and skate for both fitness and fun. With the varying reasons one can take up Rollerblading from hockey, aggressive skating, recreation, marathons and more we know the answer to the question, is Rollerblading dead, and the answer is a definite no.

Remember this guy…

Is Inline Skating...

Now, onto the inline skating portion of our Q and A. Here we will have a few of the same questions but also we will have a few new ones and even have some actual good questions.

Is inline skating good exercise: WOW! A good question springs up among the terrible. This is an answer we love to answer because, yes, inline skating is not only a good exercise but is a great exercise. We have already devoted articles and blogs to inline skating for exercise and fitness as well as how inline skating was named one of the seven best fat blasters. Not only is skating a great exercise but it is also easier on your joints and on your body than running with the same if not better results. I personally love inline skating as exercise because it is not so hum-drum as running and allows users to not only get in a good workout but also have fun while doing so!

Is inline skating hard: As we stated above with the same question pertaining to Rollerblading, inline skating is neither hard nor difficult. You may need to take a lesson and get your bearings but once skating is learned it is simple and fun.

Is inline skating gay: Again with this, huh? Well, again, no.

Is inline skating good workout: Yup, just swap exercise in the above answer for workout. Inline skating is a great workout and will have you sweating in no time. The best thing about inline skating as a workout is even on the hottest days you can get up some speed and cool down with the breeze, inline skating is just an ideal workout and exercise.

We really hope we were able to answer some of these hard pressing questions regarding inline skating and Rollerblading.