Inline Skate Pads

Let’s face it, inline skating is an activity that makes you sweat. And while there have been many advances in equipment design to help keep padding ventilated and fresh, skating pads are going to start smelling of sweat at some point. You can keep your gear smelling fresher, longer, with these tried and true methods.

Give ‘Em Some Air

Whether you are taking a quick trip around the block or a mini-marathon skate, your protective gear is going to be saturated with sweat when you’re finished. Like other items, it isn’t a good idea to put your protective gear away while it is still wet. If you do, this will cause the growth of bacteria and as a result, create that horrible stench. When you get finished skating let your gear sit out for an hour and dry before putting it away. For additional freshness, throw a dryer sheet in your bag after you pack your equipment away.

Spray ‘Em Down

Another method is to spray your gear with a disinfectant spray. A quick shot of Lysol or a similar product can help to kill bacteria that form from wet pads. We do not recommend household cleaners like Fantastic or Simple Green as this may damage your equipment more than help it and they can also irritate the skin quickly. Try quick sprits of Lysol or Febreeze but understand that even a heavy use of these products can irritate eventually. If you have sensitive skin, try spraying the products to help freshen the smell, then rinse and dry the pads.

Give ‘Em a Wash

If you just want to skip the other methods described here, give your pads a quick wash through the washing machine with this neat little trick. Add 1/4 cup of distilled vinegar and a 1/8 cup of detergent to a wash load before the cycle starts. If possible, let the pads soak for 10 minutes prior to the cycle. Run the cycle and then put the pads out in the sun to dry or in the dryer for 15 minutes. Strong smells will be dissolved after a good washing using this method.