Roller Skating ActivitiesRoller skating is an active and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by kids and adults of any age. There are many activity options that a person has when it comes to quad skating, from speed skating to roller derby and even skating parties. In most cities across the United States there are roller rinks that offer a variety of roller skating activities that are perfect for both the young and old.

Roller Skating Parties

If you're a parent with a young child you may already be privy to roller skating parties, or you may even remember them from your own childhood. Depending on the location and the skating rink, you are likely to find different deals or party packages to fit what you're looking for. Many rinks offer packages for birthday parties, private parties, and even fundraisers. Skating parties are especially great for children because they are a great way for your children to get together with their friends while remaining active. Not to mention that it stimulates creativity and helps improve coordination. To find a roller rink nearest to you, you can go to and click on your state, then look for your city. Or you can head over to and click on your state to see their listings in alphabetical order by rink name.

Roller Derby

For those unfamiliar with roller derby, it is an American-invented contact sport where people roller skate around an oval track in formations in attempts to score points. The rules are far too long to explain here, but it is a quad skating activity that is primarily participated in by women. Almost all existing roller derby leagues are women only and self-organized.

The premise of a roller derby match is that two teams each send five players onto the track. Each person on the track has a different role, as either a Blocker, Pivot, or Jammer. Each team has three Blockers, one Pivot, the last line of defense, and one Jammer, the scorer. The goal of the game is like any other sport, to score the most points, except this game takes place on a roller track.t this game is conducted on a roller track. For more information on roller derby, you can head to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association or you can head to to find a roller derby team in your area.

Roller Skating Lessons

Whether you're old or young, big or small, quad skating lessons are available for everyone. Most roller rinks offer lessons for a variety of different skill levels. If you're a first timer they've got a class for you. If you have some experience, but not a lot, they've got a class for that too. Pricing will vary from rink to rink but thing that is the same from one rink to the next is that skating lessons are a great way to learn a sport and do something physically challenging. Check with your local skating rink for the lessons that they offer.