Rollerblade helmetsWearing a Rollerblade Helmet while skating is one of the most important aspects of Rollerblading; not only is it safe and in most places mandatory but it also gives you an added sense of confidence. When shopping for a new Rollerblade helmet there are many things to consider; style, sizing and intended use are great things to keep in mind and know ahead of time before shopping for a Rollerblade Helmet.

Rollerblade Helmet Styles

Rollerblade Helmets come in several styles depending on the type of skating the user will be doing. Rollerblade makes it easy to choose a skating helmet with their models being named the Kids, Workout, Performance and Race. Broken down these 4 different names can depict most all Rollerbladers.

Kids: These Rollerblade Helmets are simply smaller sized workout helmets offering great fit and protection. Kids Rollerblade Helmets are adjustable offering more than just a few months of fit before the child grows out of it. Kids Rollerblade Helmets offer modern style and reliable protection with a lightweight and durable design. Kids skating helmets come with 6 vents and an insect net to keep children clean and safe. Click the below image to shop Kids Rollerblade Helmets.

Workout: Workout Rollerblade Helmets are great for those skating once or twice a week mostly for cardio and fitness. Workout model helmets are lightweight and offer several vents to keep you cool and stress free while skating. To customize the fit you can adjust the dial on the back of the helmet a few centimeters until it’s perfect for your head shape. These Rollerblade helmets also come with an insect net to keep the pesky bugs from crawling under your helmet. Lightweight and inexpensive Workout Rollerblade Helmets offer affordable and comfortable protection while skating.

Performance: Performance Rollerblade Helmets are great for those skating a few times weekly and may need a bit more performance out of their helmet selection. These Rollerblade helmets offer all the bells and whistles from the Workout series with a bit more. With the Performance series skating helmets you get the adjustment and Rollerblades In-mold technology. This technology makes this skating helmet fit like a glove actually molding it to your head shape. With countless vents and great fit characteristics this is a great choice in a skating helmet. Click the image below to shop Performance Rollerblade Helmets.

Race: The Race models of Rollerblade Helmets offer the lightest weight, most comfortable fit for skating. Built for the avid skater that needs the most protection in the most comfortable and lightweight shell. These skating helmets offer all the bells and whistles with a great focus on protection and safety. To ensure this Rollerblade helmet protects you in any fall yet remains very lightweight Rollerblade added a carbon fiber reinforced roll cage in the helmet. This roll cage is lightweight, ventilated and will have you forgetting you even have a helmet on your head. All this mixed with In Mold technology really make this helmet something special. Click the shiny helmets below to shop all Rollerblade Race Helmets.

Rollerblade Helmets Care and Feeding

Skating helmets like any piece of equipment can have their life span exceed or diminish dependent on use and care. There are some guidelines that will help impact the longevity of a Rollerblading helmet. Following these will help you get the most time and use out of your Rollerblading helmet.

Direct Exposure to Heat: Having your Rollerblade helmet exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time can diminish the materials the helmet is made out of. Try to not store your helmet in direct heat or let sit out for long periods of time. Storing in a shaded cool area will help the materials stay in tact for longer and will help the Rollerblade helmet retain its original shape.

Replace After an Accident: Rollerblade helmets should be replaced prior to an accident where they were directly impacted. An impact directly to the helmet may leave an imprint thus making that spot of the helmet more susceptible to impacts in the future. Rule of thumb is to replace the helmet after an impact to be safe.

Replace Every 3-5 Years: Even if you never fall it’s still best practice to replace a helmet every 3-5 years. A Rollerblade helmet simply used and exposed to the elements like direct sunlight and heat can break down over years. It may look and feel fine but this can be misleading and the insides of the helmet may not be in as good of condition. Not only can a helmet break down but typically in a five year span the technology and protection will have upgraded and the new Rollerblade helmets may offer better protection and fit.

Now that you know all you need to know about buying a Rollerblading helmet and maintaining it once purchased you are all set. Being safe while Rollerblading is viably important and at we take your safety very serious. If you have any further questions regarding Rollerblade helmets please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.