Rollerblade Sizing Tips 

Rollerblade brand inline skates are going to offer a fit similar to your everyday shoe size. You will need to expect some break in time where the skates will be adjusting to the exact shape of your foot, and during this time you may feel some pressure points but these will go away once the skates break in. Break in period is typically 3-6 times out skating with the new skates. Some athletes will fit their skates down a ½ size for an athletic fit, which can aid in getting the most performance out of higher end model skates.


When you first try on your new Rollerblade inline skates you will want to be sure to kick back in the heel of the skate while trying them on. This will put your heel back in the heel pocket of the skate before you tighten the boot down which will give you a better fit overall.


Rollerblade Feet MeasureRollerblade Size Chart