Aggressive Skate Sizing Guide

Buying aggressive skates online can be an easy and pain free process if you know the basic sizing information going in. Aggressive skates like regular inline skates are going to perform better when sized correctly. In the right size, a skate will offer the most support and comfort possible from that skate. Here in this sizing guide we will cover the basics of sizing an aggressive skate and also go into some try on tips for when you first put your skates on; you will also find a size chart for easily finding your size at the bottom of the page.

Skate try on tips

Working to get the proper fitting and properly sized aggressive skate starts before you even put them on. Here we will go over some of the try on tips for before, while and after you first put the skates on.

  • Socks: The socks you wear when you first put on your new aggressive skates should be the same or similar to the socks you are going to wear while skating. The perfect sock for skating would be a thinner sock made up of a non-cotton material like nylon/Lycra and offering some breathability. On a quick side note; you never want to double up socks while aggressive skating as this can lead to blisters and sore feet.
  • Kicking your heel back: Sounds simple enough, right? It is, but a lot of people skip this important step. When you first put on your new aggressive skates before you tighten them you are going to want to kick back into the heel pocket of skate. Kicking back a handful of times will allow your heel to get fully back into the skate allowing for a better and truer fit. Once kicked back it’s time to tighten the skates!
  • Properly tightening skates: Once you have your heel kicked back in the skate it is time to tighten the skates. Depending on the skates you may have a few different types of closure systems but the most common is going to be a set of standard laces and a top ratchet strap. Tighten the laces like you would in your shoes and then tighten the strap to the point it is tight but not uncomfortable. You may notice some skaters wear their skates a bit looser but at first for support and safety it is best to have your skates tight.

Skate sizing

For the most part aggressive skates are going to fit very similar to your standard shoe size. But there are some brands that fit differently than this which is why we’ve broken down this sizing section by the most popular brands of aggressive skates. Here you will find specific sizing information by brand to ensure you get the correct size in whichever skates you are looking at.

  • Razors skate sizing: Razors skates are going to fit the same as your standard shoe size with the exception of the Cult models which fit roughly a ½ size small. Razors skates will offer a standard width but offer a decent break in for those with a slightly wider foot.
  • Rollerblade skate sizing: Rollerblade brand aggressive skates are going to fit the same as your standard shoe size and will offer a fairly standard to medium width.
  • K2 skate sizing: K2 aggressive skates are going to have the same fit as your standard shoe size. K2 skates also offer a standard width.

Breaking in your new skates

Aggressive skates are not going to fit exactly how they will end up fitting when you first put them on. Like many other skate types they will require some break in time for them to fit correctly and mold around your specific foot shape. As aggressive skates offer thicker padding in their liners to protect skaters, these skates will require a bit more break in time than standard skates. Standard break in time will typically be 6-8 times out skating in the skates but will vary based on time skating and the actual skates being worn.

Aggressive Skate Size Chart

Skate Size US Men's Shoe Size US Women's Shoe Size UK Men's Shoe Size UK Women's Shoe Size EU Size Mondo Size
4 4 5.5 3 4 37 220
5 5 6.5 4 5 38 230
6 6 7.5 5 6 39 240
7 7 8.5 6 7 40 250
8 8 9.5 7 8 41 260
9 9 10.5 8 9 42 270
10 10 11 9 10 43 280
10.5 10.5 12 9.5 10.5 44 285
11 11 * 10 11 45 290
12 12 * 11 * 46 300
13 13 * 12 * 47 310
14 14 * 13 * 48 320
15 15 * 14 * 49 340