Inline Skate Helmet Sizing Guide

Helmets are incredibly important when it comes to inline skating. But, unless the helmet fits properly, it’s not going to be very useful. Inline skate helmets do not come in standard sizes so it’s important to know how to properly fit a helmet. Here are a few tips on how to fit a helmet.


Most helmets come in sizes by inches or centimeters for the circumference of the helmet. In order to know which size is right for you, take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and ears. Then use our sizing guides for helmets to pick the right size for you. If you in between sizes, go a size up rather than down. A helmet that’s too small will be more uncomfortable and provide less coverage for your head.


To properly adjust the straps on your helmet there are a few things to remember. First, the chin strap should not have any slack. The strap should form a “Y” shape just below your ears. The chin strap should fit snugly against the chin. If you open your mouth wide, you should feel the inline skate helmet pull down a bit. Once adjusted, the helmet should not move when you shake your head and the front rim of your helmet should be just barely visible to your eyes.

Checking the Fit of your Helmet

After picking your helmet and adjusting the straps you should check to be sure it’s a proper fit. Go through these steps to double check:

  1. Your helmet should fit squarely on you head and not slide around.
  2. It should come down low on your brow to give your forehead maximum coverage.
  3. Your helmet should not tilt backwards while wearing it.
  4. The padding should exert firm, uniform pressure all around the head so that the skin on the forehead moves as the helmet is rotated from left to right and from front to back.
  5. Make sure your helmet is not to tight so that it will give you a headache, but it should be snug and comfortable.
  6. When the helmet is fitted you should expect to fit around 2 fingers width between the front of the helmet and the level of your eyebrows.