Kids love inline skating which is why it is important to get them the correct fitting skates to give them the most comfort and support while skating. Here at we stock a great selection of kids inline skates from top brands including models from Rollerblade, K2 and more. These skates range from recreational skates for general skating to hockey and aggressive skates built specifically for their respective types of skating. Here in this sizing guide we are going to cover how to determine your kids skate size, go over some try on tips and explain some of the ways different types of kids inline skates are going to fit.
Kids Inline Skate Sizing Guide

Determining kids skate size

Choosing the correct size in a pair of kid’s inline skates is easier than most think. Kid’s skates are going to fit very similar to their everyday shoe size. So if your child wears a shoe size of 2 a skate in size 2 will fit great. But as you will notice most skates for kids are adjustable and may not fall perfectly into the size you need, worry not we will go over how to choose an adjustable skate size.

Kids Adjustable Inline Skate

Choosing an adjustable skate size

As adjustable skates don’t always fall right in line with what size you need you may need to choose a size close to what you need. For example if you need a size 1 and the skates are available from 12-1 and 2-4 you are not going to want to go with the size 12-1 as you will be at the top adjustment right out of the box. Go with the size 2-4 and adjust it all the way down. Even at a size too large (the size 2 instead of 1) the skates will still fit snug enough for a safe skating experience while allowing for some growing room.

When to adjust kid’s adjustable skates

Typically following suit after they go up in shoe size is the way to go but definitely ask them how their skates fit regularly. If they have a concern with them feeling tight you can easily adjust then to remedy the problem. For a physical way to test the size read the below section and learn the pencil test!

The pencil fit test for kid’s inline skates

It is hard to get a great idea of the fit in a kids inline skate due in part to not being able to feel the toe box for the point the toes come to but also in part to kids being so excited they say the skates fit no matter what. Well, there is an easy way to test the fit in a pair of kids skates. All you need is a pencil, the skates and of course the kid. Have the child put on the skates and not tighten them. Next step is to have the child kick their toes to the front of the skates and return the skates to a flat position. Now that their toes are towards the front of the skate you can do the pencil test. Push a pencil into the heel of the skate between the foot and the back heel area of the skate. You should be able to fit a pencil in with just a little wiggle room. If there is not enough room for the pencil to easily slide in the skates are too small, if it goes too easy and moves around a lot the skates are most likely too large.

Break in time for skates

When a kid first puts on their skates they may feel a bit tight but this can be due to the skates not being broken in. Kids inline skates will mold around the users foot shape over a few times skating. When kids first put their skates on their toes may be close to the front but as long as they are not curled or crushed the skates will break in giving them the room they need. It takes roughly 6 times skating in brand new skates to break them in and skates will break in up to a half size from how they initially fit.

Kid’s skates try on tips

Putting on a pair of skates is similar to putting on a pair of shoes but there are some differences and some tricks to get the best fit possible. Here we will go over some of the basic tips to help get the best fit possible.

  • One pair of socks: Make sure your child only has on one pair of socks when trying on skates. This may seem like common sense but some have tried layering socks but this can result in a poor fit and ultimately can lead to foot discomfort and blisters.
  • Get in the heel pocket: The heel pocket of a kids inline skate is the pocket in the rear inner of the skate where the kid’s heel is to sit. To ensure that your child is getting their foot correctly set in this heel pocket we recommend having them kick their heel back in the skates before tightening them up. This will cause the heel to sit back in the pocket leading to the best fit possible.
  • Loose is not best: Some parents think that their children need their skates loosened at first to make the skates more comfortable. This is false. A tighter skate is not only going to offer a better fit and feel but is much safer. When a skate is loose it loses the support and protection needed for a proper fit.

Types of kid’s skates and how they fit

Above we covered how to determine your kid’s skate size which was for the conventional recreational inline skates that are worn by most kids. Below we are going to cover aggressive skates and roller hockey skates for kids and how they are sized.

Kids aggressive skate sizing

There are not many kids aggressive skates on the market and some are adjustable but most are not. To size these skates you are going to want to go with the same size as their standard shoe size. If they are in a half size go to the next full size up as most aggressive skates don’t come in half sizes. Aggressive skates do offer a bit more padding and may feel tight at first but will break in after a few times skating.

Kids roller hockey skate sizing

Kids roller hockey skates are going to fit similar to ice hockey skates meaning you will most likely need to drop a size to get the correct sizing. Most all kids roller hockey skates are not adjustable so proper sizing is important as the size cannot simply be changed if incorrect. As not all brands of kids roller hockey skates are going to fit the same so for an exact sizing we recommend taking a look at the size charts for specific brand sizing.