Urban Skate Sizing Guide

A relatively new trend in inline skating is the urban skating movement. Urban skates are great and offer an easy to use and very functional skate for those looking to skate in an urban city setting. Like anything that is new and fresh there are routinely questions regarding urban skates many of which we answered in our urban skate buying guide but what about the proper sizing and fit of urban skates? That is what we are going to address in this urban skate sizing guide. Here we will go over the basic fit, the fit of the top brands, and the typical break in time and will also offer a basic size chart to reference when choosing your new skates.

Properly sizing urban skates

Urban skates are going to fit the same as your standard athletic shoe size. This means that if you wear a size 10 in your running shoes a size 10 in an urban skate should be a good fit. K2 and Rollerblade are the top two brands in urban skating and both are going to offer a similar fit to your standard athletic shoe size. Most urban skates are also available in half sizes making it possible to really fine tune your fit. If you are weary about ordering a certain size take a look at the guaranteed fit program to see how you could order a few sizes to try on!

Try on tip #1 When you first slide on your new urban skates, before you tighten them, kick your heel back. This will ensure your heel is all the way back into the heel pocket of the skate before you tighten the skates down.

Break in time

Just like regular skates and even most pairs of athletic shoes you will need to expect some break in time from your new urban skates. Skates offer a great deal of padding within them to give the skater comfort and support for skating. Keep this thick padding in mind when you try on your skates as they may feel a bit tight at first. Most inline skates including urban skates will have up to a half size of break in time meaning that if you ordered a size 10 it may indeed feel like a 9.5 until broken in but once broken in will give a hugged fit around your specific foot shape.

Try on tip #2 You may feel your toes are crunched at the front of the skate when you first put the skate on. As skates can break in up to a ½ size the initial fit may seem snug but if you are able to bend your knees slightly putting your body into a skating stance your toes should pull off the front of the skate to give you a better indication of where your foot will sit once the skates break in completely.

Desired fit

The idea of urban skating is to offer more control over turning and cornering so the fit of these skates needs to be an athletic one. And for those that may not know what an athletic fit is; it is a fit which aids in performance offering a snug and tight fit to ensure the best power transfer and control is available for the skater. You will not want extra room in your urban skates as your foot will move around hindering the performance and could lead to foot aches and blisters.

Urban skate size chart

Skate Size US Men's Size US Women's Size UK Size EU Size Mondo Point Size
5 5 6 4 36.5 23
5.5 5.5 6.5 4.5 37 23.5
6 6 7 5 38 24
6.5 6.5 7.5 5.5 38.5 24.5
7 7 8 6 39 25
7.5 7.5


6.5 40 25.5
8 8 9 7 40.5 26
8.5 8.5 9.5 7.5 41


9 9 10 8 42 27
9.5 9.5 10.5 8.5 42.5 27.5
10 10 11 9 43 28
10.5 10.5 11.5 9.5 44 28.5
11 11 12 10 44.5 29
11.5 11.5 12.5 10.5 45 29.5
12 12 13 11 45.5 30
12.5 12.5 13.5 11.5 46 30.5
13 13 14 12 47 31
13.5 13.5 14.5 12.5 47.5 31.5
14 14 15 13 48 32
15 15 16 14 49 33